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(In response to being told that there were gays and lesbians around when she was young.)

There's a reason they say "ignorance is bliss!" It was nice back when it wasn't shoved in our kids' faces. My daughter had "one" for calculus at The University of Texas and I was visiting and sat in on her class one time. Talk about being totally clueless- not only did I have not a clue about the math being taught, having studiously avoided as much math as possible in my own college career, but now this he/she/it is up there teaching it. My daughter liked the person and thought it was a good teacher. Just stranger than hell to me, but it's a different world.

Retro, Free Conservatives 47 Comments [1/31/2010 5:17:24 PM]
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Considering how rare a really good professor is (maybe not at a top university, but I'm pretty sure we're at State here) I wouldn't care if a good professor was a cross-dressing homosexual furrie who wore his suit to class every day.

Anyway, how the hell did you find out that "it" was gay? You said you couldn't tell when you were in class and that your daughter didn't know. Is this just one of those small town rumours that destroy peoples lives?

2/1/2010 2:29:45 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Oh noes, math AND teh gay?

Quick, go and hide under your bible where it's safe!

2/1/2010 2:54:49 AM

You didn't study maths?. That explains it all.

2/1/2010 3:59:14 AM


To be fair - I believe in context she was talking about a transgender person (MTF I think), not a gay person - if I recall, this gem came from a thread about Amanda Simpson. Referring to transsexuals as "it" is disgraceful and dehumanising, but it can at least be blamed on ignorance, whereas referring to a gay person as "it" would be frankly disgusting.

2/1/2010 4:09:47 AM


@ Cupcake, People like Retro have absolutely no interest in curing their "ignorance." In fact they are beyond ignorance. They are hateful and disgusting people and are proud of it.

2/1/2010 4:22:01 AM

So you're ignorant, and bigoted. Thank goodness your daughter didn't turn out like you.

2/1/2010 4:22:28 AM

Quantum Mechanic

"having studiously avoided as much math as possible"

Thanks for admitting you are a moron.

2/1/2010 5:11:28 AM

I read about the afterlife

Okay, if you are going to remark about a gay teacher's teaching ability -- don't say that you don't know shit about math because it makes your point moot.

2/1/2010 7:19:15 AM


"Talk about being totally clueless- not only did I have not a clue about the math being taught, having studiously avoided as much math as possible in my own college career, but now this he/she/it is up there teaching it."

Go crawl back under your rock and wallow in your ignorance and hate then.

2/1/2010 7:27:36 AM

So how did she find out this professor was homosexual?


"I wish you'd stop talking about your sexuality all the time. When your dad and I were young..."

2/1/2010 8:54:17 AM

Doubting Thomas

Somehow I don't think that math is the only thing you're totally clueless about.

And I'm sure during the whole class not once did the teacher ever say that he or she was gay, nor did they ever once tell the class that they ought to be gay.


Just because someone doesn't understand math doesn't mean they're unintelligent. Math subjects were always my worst but I do consider myself intelligent in other areas. I blame my very bad 6th grade teacher who wouldn't explain to us how to do the problems, and was very mean and unapproachable if you needed help.

However, this person seems to be proud to be unintelligent about math and apparently proud to be totally bigoted toward homosexual people.

2/1/2010 9:04:11 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Ignorance is only bliss for the ignorant. For the rest of us, we have to put up with your shit, and it most certainly is nothing like bliss.

2/1/2010 9:15:29 AM


You are a fucking moron. If ignorance is bliss you have reached Nirvana.
Hopefully your daughter didn't inherit any of your tendencies. As it appears she understands Calculus and likes her teacher regardless of sexual orientation I'd say she's in the clear.
There's no hope for you though...
I just thought I would add that I, for one, am getting tired at the way knuckle-dragging retards like you deride anyone with more intellect than you. There was a time when being an ignorant doofus was something to be ashamed of.

2/1/2010 9:28:26 AM


So math is gay because you don't understand it? WTF are you talking about.

2/1/2010 10:56:00 AM


It sure was nicer when I could pretend that gay people didn't exist.
How dare this gay... thing understand something that I don't!

2/1/2010 12:41:48 PM


"It was nice back when..."
You probably get your information from 1950's repeats, where the kids all say "sir" and "ma'am," everybody is happy, and , most important to you, everybody is WHITE. TV is not a reliable source. There were blacks and gays then. Do you see anti-communist paranoia or other moral panics in your shows? No? Perhaps "Father Knows Best" doesn't show life as it was.

2/1/2010 12:57:26 PM


You refer to people as "it"?!?!?

What are you, Hannibal Lector?

2/25/2010 12:49:22 PM


The quotation marks around one imply that this math teacher was actually multiple lesbians trying to pass themselves off as one lesbian. I have to admit, that is rather strange.

5/18/2010 2:56:51 PM


@gawd & cj
Actually, both are correct.

7/13/2010 3:58:39 PM

Raised by Horses

Gay-bashing on the internet, always classy.

1/4/2011 12:55:31 AM


How would you like it if I started referring to vile, hateful, willfully ignorant, homophobic bigots as "it"?

6/1/2011 10:12:06 PM


Oh come on, Retro. I'm a creative writing major with a minor in film and media, I may not like doing math because I have a lot of trouble with it (Dyslexia and ADD) but I still love math for what it is. In fact, I even took two semesters of math classes (Precalc and calc 1), managed to pass them both and I can tell you, I'm better off for it.

"Ignorance is bliss" indeed. People like you are the reason America is getting as stupid as it is. You are everything wrong with the intellecutal portion of society.

6/2/2011 6:48:03 AM

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