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A dark secret that most people don't know is that offerings are regularly made to Lucifer in the occult. I've heard Heavy Metal Rock bands, like Megadeth, refer to their latest album as “an offering.” Each album is an offering to Satan. Sex is synonymous with the occult, Luciferian worship and Satanism. The MTV video for FEARLESS, presents Taylor Swift as if being offered. Stupid Americans don't even realize what is going on. MTV's videos, thousands of them, portray women wearing seductive clothing, in luring positions, as if being offered in an occult ritual. It is creepy if you understand the occult. If you scoff and don't believe what I'm saying, it is only because you are woefully ignorant of how the occult works, and their demonic agenda and the DEPTHS OF SATAN (Revelation 2:24).

Some think the 911-attacks were actually an offering to Satan, clearly marked by the occult symbol featured at the 911 Memorial. I would tend to agree. People who refuse to study are doomed to be fools the rest of their life.

David J. Stewart, Jesus-is-Savior 87 Comments [1/31/2010 6:17:46 PM]
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Except the guy from Megadeth is a christfag now.

You lose.

1/31/2010 6:19:17 PM


Ah, the taste of irony is delicious.

1/31/2010 6:25:24 PM


Man, they were going on about rock being "devil music" from the first moment Elvis wiggled his hips. And I heard school-endorsed lectures on backward-lyrics bullshit when I was a kid in the '70s. You're decades out of date, Davey-boy. But then, your whole worldview is two millennia behind the times, so I guess thisis radically progressive stupidity for you.

1/31/2010 6:41:30 PM

caustic gnostic

Where are the teeny-boppers, Dave? You disappoint me.

1/31/2010 6:45:49 PM


I've heard Heavy Metal Rock bands, like Megadeth, refer to their latest album as “an offering.”

Yeah, they're offering it to people to buy. You've never heard the phrase "this is our latest offering"? It's an innocent turn of phrase. Only paranoid idiots like yourself focus on little things like this and turn them into meaning something that was not intended.

Everyone else understood what was meant. What the fuck is wrong with you?

1/31/2010 6:52:23 PM


I actually have to agree with Dave on one point: "People who refuse to study are doomed to be fools the rest of their life." That's a true statement.

However, those who choose to study the Buybull instead of the real world are doomed to be worse fools than those who study nothing.

1/31/2010 6:52:56 PM

Hey Dave, you were funnier going after teenagers in animated Disney films.

1/31/2010 6:55:23 PM


Some think that David J. Stewart might become a danger to himself and especially others. Someone better take the bull by the horns and deprogram his paranoid delusional ass before he goes completely whackadoodles. His grip on reality is about as tenuous as the hope that no one will throw up on Prom night.

1/31/2010 7:06:01 PM


Calm the fuck down David, nothing's wrong.

1/31/2010 7:20:17 PM


Yeah, but MTV hasn't actually aired music videos since, like, 1996.

1/31/2010 7:22:14 PM


*points and laughs*

1/31/2010 7:35:23 PM

If you think that heavy metal is an occult offering, then you just don't understand heavy metal or the occult.

1/31/2010 7:35:38 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

Dave Mustaine is a christian now.. not that that matters. I have seen him on the "End Game" tour once already, and I plan to see him again on his "Rust in peace" tribute tour in 2 months...who cares if he turned cheese dick christian or not..He rocks out with his cock out!

1/31/2010 7:55:06 PM


At least they're referring to a band that can actually be considered Satanic to a small degree for once.

But really? Can't they, just once, go after black metal and not this old stuff that doesn't even have screaming in it?

1/31/2010 8:23:12 PM

Mike Sihl

"Stupid Americans don't even realize what is going on. MTV's videos"

I didn't know MTV still plays videos. Everytime I put it on it's another shitty reality show.

1/31/2010 8:30:07 PM

Old Viking

He buys into religion big time. Why wouldn't he buy into the occult?

1/31/2010 8:38:24 PM

Na na na na

"Sex is synonymous with the occult"

wait, what?

so, nobody should ever have sex then? is that really what you're saying?

1/31/2010 8:56:13 PM



*dissolves into hysterical giggles*

1/31/2010 8:57:55 PM

Pule Thaumaturge

I realize that you are still a lower order mage and have difficulty turning English words into something meaningful without sounding like a village idiot. But keep practicing and you might get to the stage where you can convince someone more than an oaf of the importance of your verbiage.

Yes, we know you are sexually repressed and are as mental as a mad wizard, you don't have to keep reminding us. And don't worry, masturbation isn't an occult practice.

1/31/2010 9:20:02 PM

Atheist Amy

It is funny you mention evil stuff when you consider your deity. The following Venn diagram will demonstrate what I mean:

ETA: Sorry, I know that this might not be most applicable to this quote, but, I really just had to post this once I found it! I couldn't resist!

1/31/2010 9:20:20 PM


I wonder how many of these people realize that nearly every time a metal band mentions an affiliation to satan, they're actually mocking everyone who calls metal satanic?

Not to mention Dave Mustaine is a hardcore Christian...

I won't even bother touching the sex and the occult thing, although I think it's been a long time since David was laid.

1/31/2010 9:37:07 PM


These guys never attack the bands that are truly sacriligious, like fuckin' Slayer.

Album cover for Christ Illusion anyone?

They fucking rock, regardless

1/31/2010 9:44:01 PM


Whoa. Do they let him run around unsupervised?

1/31/2010 9:45:09 PM


Wikipedia has a nice little section about Megadeth's frontman, and when they returned to touring. The quote by Rotting Christ's frontman is pretty cool

It was during this period that Mustaine became a Christian.

He expressed his intent to withdraw from a show in Greece that had Rotting Christ opening for Megadeth.[9][10]

In response to their forced cancellation, Sakis of Rotting Christ said: "I didn't expect something like that from Dave Mustaine, because, you know, he's supposed to be metal — you know, 'metal band,' all metal ... I just feel sorry for him and for every new Christian with new ideas, because we think Christianity is the worst thing to happen in human history. This is a well-organized trick in order to control society, so when I see someone that's very much Christian, that's full of the system, I feel very sorry for him because he's not free."

1/31/2010 9:47:25 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Megadeth? Satanic rock bands? What fucking year is this?

The biggest threat to the youth of today according to David J.

1/31/2010 9:55:15 PM

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