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The Big Bang is a BIG DUD!

And to go into it;they claim anti-matter fills in the gaps because everything is not evenly ditributed(the clumps of stars and galaxys,etc)there is 0 evdence that anti-matter is even possible or would exist!

Hector Medina, Christian Forums 14 Comments [9/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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I think you meen \"dark-matter\". Anti-matter is in Star Treck.

10/4/2006 4:27:02 AM


there is 0 evdence that anti-matter is even possible or would exist!

Aside from the fact that its production has been observed in laboratories?

10/4/2006 6:41:13 PM

David D.G.

If you know so much, why don't you have some major physics papers published in peer-reviewed physics journals? And since you don't, and probably never even have had so much as a single graduate-level course on the subject, what makes you think you know so much more about it than people who have spent most of their lives working on questions in physics you couldn't even begin to comprehend?

Man, laypeople who cop this kind of arrogant attitude against science and scientists really torque me off.

~David D.G.

10/4/2006 7:46:58 PM


it's dark matter and dark energy that make up for the amount of matter not seen

12/6/2006 9:26:02 PM


Antimatter isn't limited to theory, sci-fi or labs--it's the basis of the PET scan, available at countless hospitals around the world.

And dark matter, what this may actually be about, has recently been convincingly observed in the bullet cluster. It has been reported in scientific papers such as A direct empirical proof of the existence of dark matter and press releases such as NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter.

12/6/2006 10:36:01 PM



We can freaking CREATE anti-matter, hell we've done it. Not easily, but it's been done.

12/6/2006 10:51:17 PM


We've created some in labs, dickhead.

5/22/2007 6:46:08 PM

Anti - Dei

Anti-matter is also in every fucking nuclear reaction and in the LHC too.

9/30/2008 11:27:03 PM


Anti-matter does exist. Anti-matter is very real. Hello - supercollider under Switzerland? DO you not remember the "Oh my god we are all gonna be sucked into a black hole!" pandamonium when they were conducting the expirement to re-create the Big Bang theory?
Actually, it was religion-friendly because they said the problem they have is that God created something out of nothing and we figure you can't go that - but the supercollider shows that, yeah that's possible. It integrates science and religion, which with the progress of Holistic science is becoming quite investigated - and it's all religions they are looking at and studying. Rather interesting.

4/19/2010 7:12:37 AM

Ensign Crusher

Here is anti matter.

Seriously, look it up.

2/14/2011 2:52:06 PM


There is Such a thing as Anti matter you moron..
Go back to school!
if Anti matter was not real then I would not have... THIS!


2/14/2011 3:37:39 PM

Ensign Crusher

Sorry, something happened to the link. Here's a new one:


7/17/2011 1:39:11 PM

Philbert McAdamia

All action is reaction
Expansion, Contraction
In the nuclear law

Underwater, Does it matter

Nuclear reactor
Boom boom boom boom

Who's your mother
Who's your father
I guess everything's all relative

Who's your mother
Who's your father
I guess everything's all relative

I'm a janitor
Oh my genitals
I'm a janitor
Oh my genitals
Oh my genitals
I'm a janitor
_______________________Suburban Lawns

7/17/2011 4:29:50 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Hector failed physics.

10/17/2013 9:23:55 AM

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