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And still you won't answer my question as to where you would draw the line. Rape is a sin. Would you not enforce punishment on rapists? And once again, I have not based any argument on my Biblical beleiefs but rather on what I believe is good for society.

Blemonds, Theology Web 15 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Sweet Fancy Moses

I don't get it. He said "sin" and "Biblical beliefs" so this is fundie?

9/8/2009 9:19:07 PM


"x is a sin."
"not based any argument on Biblical beleiefs[sic]"

Does not compute.

9/8/2009 10:26:17 PM


Internal Contradiction award?

9/9/2009 6:01:31 AM

Sin is a religious concept. If you have said that it´s immoral...........well, that would be a different issue altogether.

12/27/2009 4:57:03 AM

Grey Seer

Ah, I think I get it. This is presumably one of those people that believes that without the bible we would have no sense of morality or law. Hence why they appear to be under the assumption that if we disregarded the bible we wouldn't punish rapists.

Here's the fun thing about how the world works: Not every crime is a sin (e.g copyright infringement), and not every sin is a crime (homosexuality, in an ideal world). Disregarding the notion of sin does not mean that we disregard crime, and rape happens to be a crime.

Now stop assuming you have exclusive rights to the whole morality thing!

10/24/2010 5:00:49 AM


The very concept of sin is a religious one. So you're still operating on a religious basis.

10/24/2010 10:34:45 AM


um...kinda failing to see the fundieness, here. Just because he said "sin"? I mean, I don't think anybody here is pro-rape, so why is this offensive? Of course, we are sort of missing half the conversation here, but stil *shrug* meh, I don't get what's so bad about it, personally.

10/28/2010 8:38:34 PM


not really seeing the controversy here - this definitely needs some context

10/29/2010 5:23:50 AM


"And still you won't answer my question as to where you would draw the line. Rape is a sin."

Your 'God' effectively raped Mary. And, as she was married at the time, 'God' also broke his own 7th Commandment. So, by your own admission, your 'God' is a sinner, thus he's not perfect, therefore he's a contradiction to himself, ergo he doesn't exist.QED.

"Would you not enforce punishment on rapists?"

If your 'God' exists, then I'm punishing him by my not acknowledging his existence. What could be worse for a suposedly 'omnipotent' deity who can't possibly exist without being given 'glory' unto him by one of his 'creations'?!

"And once again, I have not based any argument on my Biblical beleiefs but rather on what I believe is good for society."

Indeed. The law of the land says non-consenting sex is illegal. Certainly the philosophical fact that if you wouldn't like being sexually violated without your consent, then you certainly wouldn't do the same to anyone else. Anyone who does is a danger to society and thus should be removed from society until they can prove to decent civilised society that they'll never do so again. Your own Scripture however, says otherwise:


Ergo, the more than infinite evil of your so-called 'Biblical beleiefs' (sic), and the infinite superiority of Humanistic - and thus Atheistic - morals, and the laws of all decent, civilised countries. QED.

...although if a fundie (who no doubt has railed against the 'evils of homosexuality') winds up in the slammer, and finds himself being Bubba's (and the rest of the cellblock's) bitch & cumdumpster, then I'll draw the line beyond that. 'Sauce for the Goose', and all that jazz...

Four Words, Blemonds: Kent Hovind. Tony Alamo.


10/29/2010 9:20:01 AM

Allegory for Jesus

"Rape is a sin."

That is punished in the Old Testament as if it were a property crime (a stealing of virginity before marriage) or as adultery rather than it being treated as if it were violent, psychological damaging act. Bibble morality is sub-par.

4/24/2011 10:50:26 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Oooo, he says right after in that same thread the even more fundielicious "Homosexual activity is the source of rampant sexually transmsitted diseases which are completely unnecsessary and preventable. The strain on the medical systems which are supported by tax dollars of innocent citizens is inseed a harm to society. In other words, homosexuals recieve medical benefits at the expense of innocent people to the tune of millions if not billions, of dollars. That equates as a harm to society."

Yeah, because only gay people get STDs, and treating STDs is enough of a medical expense that we can classify gays as a menace to society entirely based on that fact. What is wrong with True Believers!?

4/24/2011 10:53:55 AM


I love that 14 year old girl down the block, I really want her, wish I could own her, All I have to do is rape her and she'll be obligated to marry me and be an obediant wife.

That's your Biblical way.

4/25/2011 1:36:30 PM


"Rape is a sin..... I have not based any argument on my Biblical beleiefs....

I don't think you grasp the concept of religious beliefs...

4/25/2011 3:16:51 PM


don't need a book supposedly written by an invisible sky pixie to tell me that rape is bad.

4/25/2011 3:23:15 PM



CONSENTING ADULTS! Rape is punishable by law because there is a clear victim...the person who was raped...the person who is not consenting.

Pedophilia is punishable by law because there is clear trauma to the child...the person who is not an adult, and thusly, not legally able to give informed consent.

Homosexuality...provided all participants are in agreement to the act...harms no one. Adversely affects no one, at least in no way that HETEROSEXUAL intercourse doesn't as well. They are CONSENTING ADULTS. You have no right to meddle in their affairs.

Further, the only real punishment the Bible gives for rape seems to be for the woman. The man has to pay a small sum of money, and marry the girl...unless she's married. In this case, BOTH are condemned to death by stoning. The man, because he fucked a married woman, and the girl, because it's assumed she didn't scream.

4/25/2011 3:28:18 PM

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