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Liberals,lefties and progresives really love MURDERING babies.But then, babies can't fight back can they? Hence why they want to take your guns from you.

D.T., Moonbattery 58 Comments [2/7/2010 11:21:10 AM]
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Is he advocating giving guns to foetuses?

2/7/2010 11:25:57 AM


You should have thrown in an anti-gay comment, then you would have had a fundie trifecta!

2/7/2010 11:30:40 AM


That was a lifetime of fail from just 27 words and some of those are not even spelled correctly!

2/7/2010 11:33:49 AM

Does D.T. actually believe this crap himself?

2/7/2010 11:44:59 AM


You assume that "Liberals,lefties and progresives" want to kill you, but are afraid of you because you have guns. What an idiot.

P.S. Blastocyst and embryos are not people, therefore they cannot be murdered.

2/7/2010 11:45:12 AM

I'm a gun-owning lefty, but even I think that arming the fetuses is pushing it a little.

2/7/2010 11:50:09 AM


Hang on - liberals want to take your guns away because guns make it harder to MURDER BABIES? This doesn't even make any sense. Oh well.


2/7/2010 11:53:50 AM

Old Viking

If you can't distinguish between an embryo and a baby you have no business commenting on this subject.

2/7/2010 11:55:39 AM

caustic gnostic

Hmmm, very thought-provoking.

Conclusion: Stewie was born by C-section.

2/7/2010 12:22:59 PM

I'm surprised this guy didn't trigger hayfever from beating that strawman so hard.

2/7/2010 12:27:09 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

You don't know what liberal means, you don't know what "left wing" means and you certainly don't know what "murder" means!

2/7/2010 12:28:36 PM

> Liberals,lefties and progresives really love MURDERING babies.But then, babies can't fight back can they? Hence why they want to take your guns from you.

Hey, that South Park episode where Oprah's vagina had a gun was supposed to be comedy.

2/7/2010 12:43:00 PM


I'm a lifelong hunter, shooter, and gun collector. I will continue to push for laws that would deny weapons to anyone who could ever say something so insane.

2/7/2010 1:41:48 PM


Moonbattery, now with 20 percent more insanity.

2/7/2010 1:47:10 PM


I think what he's trying to say is that liberals want to take conservatives' guns away so that said conservatives can't shoot liberals for allowing abortions, shooting liberals of course being a perfectly OK thing to do.

2/7/2010 1:54:28 PM


This is a fetus* at a normal abortion age, i.e. 8 weeks old. Does this look like a baby to you?

*In this case God was the baby-killer/abortionist.

2/7/2010 1:55:03 PM


Internet tough guy ftw.

Laughing. My. Ass. Off!

2/7/2010 2:17:23 PM


Just because you have the intellectual capacity of an infant doesn't mean we liberal lefties want to murder you too.

2/7/2010 2:22:47 PM


Word salad. Abortion is not murder as it does not involve the killing of a person. I know it's difficult but try to keep up. This is the 21st century.
Not all liberals, lefties, and progressives are in favour of abortion. Usually we are in favour of letting the woman who is pregnant make the decision about her own body, something the religious right would want to take away from her.
This has nothing to do with taking away your guns, although I would be in favour of an amendment that would take them away from obviously mentally damaged individuals like you.

2/7/2010 2:43:47 PM


After his charity work with Pistols for Pandas, Crack Stuntman then also founded "Firearms for Fetuses". It was less successful.

2/7/2010 3:16:31 PM

Reverend Jeremiah


2/7/2010 3:59:14 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

I just had a great idea! We should perform abortions on christians by taking their guns from them and shooting the fetus while it's still in the womb! End result, no breeding whores left, Larry Craig running rampant felating christian males eager for release, christianity goes tits-up. I fail to see a down-side to this.

2/7/2010 4:07:12 PM


Heavily-armed infants would make those liberal baby-eaters think twice.


2/7/2010 4:17:54 PM


Guns are kind of hard to fight back against.

Excuse me, who wants to murder the defenseless again?

2/7/2010 4:37:18 PM


Actually, strictly speaking, we're the only ones who truly want to stop abortions. Only through proper education regarding safe sex practices and birth control can abortions ever be made unnecessary in most cases.

And yet you require ignorance as your protection. You are the baby killer.

2/7/2010 4:50:13 PM

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