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Women’s brains are like man brains, but without all the bits inside that make them work properly. Bits like shutting up and think-y before speak-y; those are all missing in a woman’s brain. In order to make up for these deficiencies, women have had to cobble together half-brains out of their existing parts.

That’s where the term half-wit comes from. Women’s brains, their wit if you will, are literally half that of a man — or is it even less than half?

Arya, Argue With Everyone 54 Comments [2/8/2010 8:10:15 AM]
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I'm a dude, and somehow offended.

8/8/2011 8:17:26 PM


Actually, my father has the "shutting up and think-y before speak-y" problem.

7/2/2012 9:33:30 PM

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but...

Marie Curie was the first person to recieve a second Nobel Prize. Her husband only got one.

I heard on the news today that male politicians (in my country at least) were more prone to blurt out stupid stuff in media.

Women have more connections between their two brain halves, and have slightly better prognosis after a stroke.

Just because you're less than half as witty as the men around you, doesn't mean that the rest of us are as stupid.

Arya in Game of Thrones would kick your ass to next Sunday for using her name when posting deorgatory things about women.

7/3/2012 4:17:25 AM

Mark Poe

Look who's talking...

4/18/2013 11:04:34 AM

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