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Actually, When the call to prayer goes out from the minaret, I have always wanted to sneak in and substitue the tape/CD that they use with a copy of the song 'Rock the Casbah' by the group The Clash

aptrsn1, Rapture Ready 14 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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"Shout at the Devil" and "Number of the Beast" are also good ones.

1/18/2008 4:09:24 AM


This would be at least 100x funnier if it was not a fundie. For it to truly be funny, you'd have to change the tape strictly for the lulz.

And it would have to be "Never Gonna Give You Up"

1/18/2008 4:38:00 AM

b. beau brinker

Now we don't like it!

1/18/2008 5:24:36 AM


"Crusader" by Saxon/Chris de Burgh?
"Steel meet Steel" by Hammerfall?
"Precious Jerusalem" by Blind Guardian?

No, now I know it: "This ain't no rag, it's a flag" by Charlie Daniels Band.

2/4/2008 1:37:32 PM


Or we take a slightly different angle: "Promiscuous girl"

2/4/2008 2:53:05 PM


I'd play the "L'Internationale".

10/25/2008 9:32:39 PM

haywood jablomy

The muezzins don't take requests!

10/25/2008 10:01:59 PM

Quantum Mechanic

You do that.

10/25/2008 11:20:52 PM


I'd replace the tape with a Bad Religion CD myself.

10/25/2008 11:47:06 PM


Hehe, I actually kind of like this idea. LOOOOOVE The Clash!

10/26/2008 1:33:58 AM


That'd actually be clever if it wasn't for his intent to be an asshat.

10/26/2008 2:19:59 AM


Try replacing it with something like Sultana's "Kusu Kalkmaz."

10/26/2008 2:21:11 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

Great Idea!

10/1/2009 12:09:10 PM

Often Partisan

This is funny.

3/23/2012 12:04:32 PM

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