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(SETI) These guys are a joke. They use radio waves to search for ET life ! Think about ET races so advanced they can whizz around using inter stella transportation, manipulating gravity, time, space, inter dimensional travel and we earthling think that they are listing to the bloody radio, on am ? Get real ! The fact is and anyone who studies exopolitics knows that the earth has been visited for eons by ET, they have bases on earth, they have made contact with governments and the big hitter is that they even genetically created humans as a labour force (Zecharia Sitchins translation of the Sumerian tablets) it is not a secret, the information is available if you want to find it. The point is government employs stooges to kid us on that ET does not exist and we are desperately searching for other life, when the fact is they do exist, lots of them, some say running the show here. Wouldnt surprise me, I only see total disregard for human life on earth !

John, Daily Mail 28 Comments [2/19/2010 2:43:36 PM]
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I'd make a serious comment about delicate art of xeno-politics, but i noticed that this is from a daily mail reader. And as we all know, Daily mail readers have no idea what those fancy polysyllable words mean.

2/19/2010 4:04:59 PM


2/19/2010 5:50:23 PM

I thought alien conspiracies went out of fashion sometime around 2003.

2/19/2010 6:18:27 PM


A student of exopolitics? Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

2/19/2010 6:59:00 PM

Sandwich Board


I blame Torchwood.

2/19/2010 7:41:34 PM


Antichrist, you picked the perfect picture.

Does the "they have bases on earth" remind anyone else of Men in Black? Or is that just from the picture?

2/19/2010 7:58:36 PM


This just makes me think of a bottle of Stella Artois flying around space.

2/20/2010 1:37:42 AM


Just your average Daily Mail reader. I'm just suprised he didn't blame it on the Muslims/Romanians/Polish

2/20/2010 3:49:50 AM


The thing is, if they are able to communicate with us, that means they are at least on our level of technology and science, or above. If they have noticed that we are here, and if they want to make contact, it makes sense that they would use a technology they think we have, too. Radio, or laser, for example.

2/20/2010 4:09:49 AM


If they are so advanced and they are here, why don't they help us with some of our problems? After all if they need us as a labor force it would be a good idea that nothing happens to the source of the laborers.

2/20/2010 7:58:17 AM


@Sandwich Board
BARROWMAN *shakes fist angrily*

2/20/2010 11:04:21 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

I only see total disregard for human life on earth

And yet you continue to vote republican...

2/20/2010 11:29:43 AM


That's funny. Then seriously, where are those aliens you speak of?

Not even pics? That's what I thought.

2/20/2010 11:32:20 AM


All your base are belong to us.


2/20/2010 12:52:34 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Because there's no way we could detect if anomalies caused by "manipulating gravity, time, space, inter dimensional travel" would ever be picked up by a primitive little radio telescope!

An optical image of the galaxy M87 (HST), a radio image of same galaxy using Interferometry (Very Large Array-VLA), and an image of the center section (VLBA) using a Very Long Baseline Array (Global VLBI) consisting of antennas in the US, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Spain. The jet of particles is suspected to be powered by a black hole in the center of the galaxy. (Wikipedia)

That's what happens when natural phenomena like black holes start squelching spacetime up like a pretzel, if anyone was able to do it artificially I sincerely doubt they'd be able to do it quietly.

2/20/2010 4:15:06 PM


"they even genetically created humans as a labour force"

These advanced beings are in need of a labor force? Well bring them on! Manufacturing jobs are dying here on Earth.

2/20/2010 4:38:51 PM

...what the fuck is exopolitics?

Also, if you knew your science and your physics (which you don't, I assume, because you're a Daily Mail reader), if anything was out there screwing with black holes and other phenomena, we'd know.

The chances that there's other life out there, and that it is either at our level of 'development' or above are very very very very slim. So unless they're super advance or something, then yeah. You're wrong.

Where's my time-manipulating, multiple-lifed Gallifreyan friend to explain this to you? He'd do such a better job

(Seriously. Blame Torchwood.)

2/21/2010 12:04:59 AM


"enter stella"? Forgive me, but mine mind is falling into non-G realms.

2/21/2010 12:16:08 AM

Pule Thamex

Easy for you to say John, you've seen all the convincing evidence, I presume, the rest of us haven't. If only the rest of us could be allowed to examine the compelling evidence that you've seen then I am sure we'd all agree with you. I've no idea how to find this evidence though, even after extensive Googling all I'm getting is crackpot stuff and sheer dippy lunacy. So if the proof is not a secret, then it is certainly proof against easy discovery. Still what do I know, I'm not an exopolitician.

2/21/2010 2:02:19 AM

Exopolitics doesn't exist. From that onward...........

2/21/2010 8:48:16 AM

Jessica Lopez

*takes glasses off*
*facepalms again*
*facepalms once more, this time slowly*
*puts glasses back*

2/21/2010 11:19:14 PM


You know SETI discovered pulsars... Its just a Data Mining operation to sort through vast amounts of white noise looking for things. Its worth it.

2/22/2010 7:39:04 AM



2/22/2010 12:23:51 PM

Doubting Thomas

I love how crazies post something totally crazy and always include "the information is out there, go do the research!" As if you'd come to the same crazy conclusion they do.

2/23/2010 7:16:49 AM

Why would they create a sentient race that can disobey as a labor force when they could instead create a robotic force that would never question orders? None of these conspiracy theorists can answer why the aliens would be that stupid.

2/23/2010 10:46:27 AM

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