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Anyone who believes in evolution just needs to read first chapter of genesis.

willhs, Baptist.org Board 36 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Anyone who believes in God just needs to read the first chapter of genesis.

3/12/2008 3:03:16 AM


Well, that solves everything!

3/12/2008 4:50:20 AM


Anyone who believes the Bible is literally true needs to read the first two chapters of Genesis.

Or just about any other part.

3/12/2008 10:49:09 AM


Been there, done that, still an atheist, still think evolution makes sense. Bye.

3/12/2008 11:33:48 AM


Anyone who believes in the Bible just needs to read the first chapter of the Silmarillion.

3/12/2008 12:02:56 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Read it, had a chuckle, tossed it.

3/12/2008 12:14:22 PM


Okay then, reconcile Chapter 1 with Chapter 2, and don't omit ANYTHING written therein.

3/12/2008 12:53:26 PM

Quantum Mechanic

I did. It's crap.

3/12/2008 1:02:08 PM

El Guapo

If anyone believes the first chapter of genesis, contact me immediately.

I am former executive fiscal officer for Afraria, Thomas Mkembe. Following the deportation of our former president, I was entrusted with 20 million pounds for safe keeping. Our former President Forrest Whittaker was assassinated last month in Switzerland by the agents of the WuTang, and I deparately need your help, trusted friend. Please send me your social security and bank account numbers. I will deposit this money in your account. At the end of one year, 6 million pounds will be withdrawn and donated to the Creation Museum near Cincinatti. The remaining 6 million and interest will be yours to do with as is God's plan. Please do not hesitate! Contact me now trusted friend.

3/12/2008 1:46:48 PM

Anyone who believes in creationism just needs to read first chapter of a science text book.


6/22/2008 8:08:13 PM

I've read the entire bible because I like fiction.

6/22/2008 8:24:01 PM


It should be: Anyone not "beliving" in evolution just need to read the chapter of genesis >_>

6/22/2008 8:35:18 PM


Read it. Almost fell asleep. Still quite convinced of evolution, thanks.

@ El Guapo: *dies laughing*

6/22/2008 8:46:35 PM


Alethe wrote:

Okay then, reconcile Chapter 1 with Chapter 2, and
don't omit ANYTHING written therein.

No. No. No. JUST the first chapter. Chapter 2 is too high-level for your untrained mind. No wonder you're confused.

7/2/2008 6:02:30 PM


your an idiot there is so much evidence of evolitoon it isnt funny and wears your hard core evidence idot i mean for gods sake are you that fucking stupid

8/7/2008 10:11:00 AM


You actually think we believe in evolution because we're oblivious of what the bible says? Or because we think the bible agrees with science?

Stupidity in its purest form.

8/7/2008 10:29:48 AM


Anyone who believes in evolution* just needs to read first chapter of Theogany.

*Hovind's definition.

4/10/2009 4:44:06 PM

Table Rock

I can't. It's not released yet.

4/11/2009 8:07:31 PM

Anyone who believes in God just need to read first chapter of any science book.

5/3/2010 5:54:58 PM


Read it.


Threw it in the compost heap.

5/3/2010 6:00:18 PM


5/3/2010 7:25:50 PM


I did, it was boring.

5/3/2010 11:06:30 PM


And anyone who believes in Genesis just needs to read "On the Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin, or "The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution" by Richard Dawkins.

Your point, willhs?

5/4/2010 7:41:02 AM


I've read it. It was stupid.

5/4/2010 2:01:55 PM


Did it

5/4/2010 6:48:53 PM

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