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You whould always ask questions and seek answers through logic and reason. And the Bible is our logic and reason. I know the World is 6,000 years old because the bible shows this to be true. How do those people know limestone is of fossilized living things over a period of time? Have they watched the process from when it started? And i have learned on the Discovery Channel that Carbon Dating and of the such are not at all accurate. Could it be so hard to believe that God made the limestone the way it is? Our that God put the Crude oil there? Also i must add that the Bible says that in the end days that God will send a strong dissalluision to the people who refuse to believe in Him. This is why i believe the 'UFO's' are around. Also more and more people are following Evolution, which is a religion because it does take faith to believe in evolution. I dont pretend or even say i know everything. But one thing i do know. No matter what man tries to prove if it crosses the Bible then what they find is false, no matter how true it may seem.

AV1611, Baptist.org Board 3 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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The Bible says nothing about science or how our world actually works. There is very little in that book that is considered factual or accurate.

Evolution isn't something to follow. It's a scientific theory that might as well just be 'fact' because it's supported by so much evidence.

Dammit I hate the stupid 'evolution is a religion. Atheism is a religion' bullshit.So tired of it.

4/4/2012 9:21:13 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Bible's forged.

8/19/2012 9:42:05 AM


How was God created?

Logic and reason are things that you have to practice, they're not something that you can read about in a book.

From my experience, I'd guess that less people "follow" evolution. Before I came here, I didn't know it was controversial, I thought that it was just as mundanely real as gravity or multiplication. Since I came here, I have learned that there are people who refuse to accept reality.

8/19/2012 9:54:49 AM

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