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It is clear from this young person's post that, the more he entertains thoughts of homosexuality, the higher his suicidal potential becomes. This is hardly surprising, as homosexual temptations are brought upon people by works of the devil, and the devil wants these people to kill themselves so he can get their souls. Lord Jesus, we pray to break the spell of homosexual demons who are attacking this young person to get his soul into hell by the power! Send down a canopy of angels from Heaven to shield this young person from homosexual tempters and cover him with the saving power of the blood of Jesus! Cast all homosexuals who are encouraging this young person on to enter into their devil serving community of sodomites into the out-group of society and thence into hell themselves. Thank you, God, Amen.

stay calm!, VoyForums 9 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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way to push the kid further toward the brink fundies.

4/2/2008 5:52:30 PM


totally weird. It actually sounds like some sort of spell.

4/2/2008 8:24:07 PM


Do you not relize that you are causing these people suicides?

4/5/2008 6:14:19 PM


The sorry thing is that a disheveled, wild-eyed, slobbering lunatic on any street corner babbling this lunacy would be considered just that - A disheveled, wild-eyed, slobbering lunatic.

Now, when a well-dressed (A relative term - Polyester is not fashion), upstanding member of the community sits in a supposed church and babbles the same idiocy - No problem.

4/5/2008 7:18:28 PM

That's one of the worst prayers I have ever heard, and my American History class had to read sermons from intolerant Puritan pastors and downright crazy ministers during the Great Awakening period.

4/5/2008 8:11:12 PM


stop the hate. we are human beings, just like you. why is it so hard to let us just be happy? we dont hate on you, so why do you attack us? what did we ever do to you? this is a tired, slightly sad Condor, signing off.

5/12/2008 7:56:35 PM



there are people in this world who hate us.

you will find lots of people in the world who will love you

5/12/2008 9:09:18 PM

Tormentor of Religion

Hey, I'd shut the hell up if I were you. Your anti-suicide argument is limited at "kill yourself and go to hell".

4/5/2009 12:32:16 AM

Quantum Mechanic

There is no devil or soul but you prove there are shitty little idiots.

9/1/2011 11:26:32 AM

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