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Really, cancer is one of the more easy things to be healed of or at least get it into remission. Cancer represents sin in the way it eats away at the body. Jesus came, so we can be delivered, healed and set free from our sin. So also, we can be healed and set free from cancer.

JohnR7, Christian Forums 32 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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If one church sect ever achieved one documented case of healing cancer through prayer you'd be THE CHURCH. You all say it works so you should have over 100 documented, medically revued cases by now for cancer alone.

Are you too lazy to prove it? It's easy, your church members get cancer all the time, Have it documented by the medical establishment then fucking cure it.

But no, they die

9/27/2010 4:59:43 PM


So let me get this straight: cancer sufferers whose cancer goes into remission were saved by God, but those who die only do so because it was their fault?

12/22/2010 2:34:05 AM


The best part is is that using tricky (but 100% legal) tactics you can do the following:

"...Jesus came..."

12/22/2010 5:47:53 AM

Ok, good luck when you're diagnosed.

3/26/2011 12:44:28 PM

You're a bastard, JohnR7

11/18/2011 12:14:30 AM


if prayer could cure cancer, hardly anybody would die of it, because pretty much everybody is going to pray if they get cancer, even if they aren't really religious.

12/7/2012 10:13:39 PM


> Really, cancer is one of the more easy things to be healed of or at least get it into remission.
Fuck you, just fuck you.

Cancer does not go away easily. God does not heal people with cancer.
Only certain types of cancer go into remission (i.e. be cured). And this can happen, as long as your doctor discovers it early on, and he is competent enough to treat it correctly.

12/8/2012 1:38:50 PM

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