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Stop persecuting me and my religion!? You have allowed yourself to be decieved by satan's horrible lies (like evolution, Santa, and rock music)! If you don't, you are without excuse, and you'll BURN IN HELL FOREVER! Worship the SON, not the SUN, and not yourself or monkeys!

Anphanax, Youtube 65 Comments [2/23/2010 11:00:52 PM]
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Submitted By: Ian

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Stop persecuting me and my religion!?

Your frantic, incoherent whining aside, is this a statement or a question? You're telling us to stop "persecuting" you or you're asking. One of the two, which is it?

Oh, and BTW, no one is persecuting you. Get over yourself.

2/24/2010 6:17:39 AM

Sorry, double post...again!

2/24/2010 6:17:48 AM


"Stop persecuting me and my religion!"

Where's that pie chart?

2/24/2010 6:31:04 AM


I thought only kids believed in Santa?

2/24/2010 6:39:49 AM


If you think the sun is useless, try getting a tan in church.

2/24/2010 7:22:19 AM


"Stop persecuting me and my religion!?"

Amphanax, there's some lovely filth down here!

2/24/2010 7:28:25 AM


"Stop persecuting me and my religion!?"

Stop misusing words!

You're not being persecuted you fucking moron.

"You have allowed yourself to be decieved by satan's horrible lies (like evolution, Santa, and rock music)!"

Yeah, yeah.

"If you don't, you are without excuse, and you'll BURN IN HELL FOREVER!"

But... I thought god loves me.

"Worship the SON, not the SUN, and not yourself or monkeys!"

Funny that you should make that distinction as there's a line of reasoning that Christianity is nothing more than fancied up sun worship.

2/24/2010 7:28:31 AM

Ok, and why don't you worship whatever you like and leave the others alone?. Look who's projecting.

2/24/2010 7:29:53 AM




2/24/2010 7:46:01 AM

I Read About The Afterlife

I'm calling poe due to Santa Claus.

2/24/2010 8:23:38 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Can someone tell me what evolution, Santa and rock music have in common?

2/24/2010 8:38:22 AM

Zeus Almighty

Crazy angry fundie is crazy. And angry.

2/24/2010 9:40:46 AM


"Stop persecuting me"

'Persecution'. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Especially as you're not a survivor of, say, Auschwitz. I've met & talked with one such person.

You know nothing of 'Persecution', Anphanax.

2/24/2010 9:57:19 AM

Zeus Almighty

Come one and all to the Church of Gay Sex, Global Warmings and Abortion.
New services have been added. In addition to the weekly abortion of a white woman's fetus and group recycling, we now have added a devotional to St. Darwin, Sun worship and optional Santa praising.
Services start at 2:13 a.m. each Thursday.

2/24/2010 10:19:36 AM


Doesn't Santa mean 'saint'?

Saints are lies by Satan? That's an interesting take on the religion...

2/24/2010 10:35:46 AM

Doubting Thomas

What have they got against Santa?

2/24/2010 10:38:12 AM

Feels like a poe.

You wanna know what it's like to be in a repressed religion? Try being pagan. Sure, we're not flat-out persecuted, but we do have to be cautious about how open we are about our beliefs out in public. I mean, you don't run the risk of people thinking you're a devil-worshipper if you say you're Christian, do you?

...how the hell is rock music a lie? It obviously exists since you can listen to it on the radio, buy CDs and mp3s and people happily call themselves "rock musicians".

2/24/2010 10:41:40 AM


But... me worshiping the Sun, myself, Santa, Evolution, rock music or monkeys, that is in no way a persecution of you and your religion.
If I have been deceived by Satan, that is also no persecution of you and your religion.

Where's the ruddy persecution?

2/24/2010 10:42:47 AM


Confirmed Poe.

2/24/2010 12:02:13 PM


I don't know if this is a serious fundie comment, because the words are spelled correctly, and the there is actually punctuation.

2/24/2010 12:42:29 PM


I call poe

2/24/2010 12:45:51 PM

Rock music has nothing to do with Satan.

Just wait until this guy hears about black metal

2/24/2010 12:49:18 PM

Old Viking

Monkeys are fun if they don't get too rambunctious.

2/24/2010 12:53:37 PM


Because pointing out reality is "persecution".... WTF?

2/24/2010 3:56:25 PM

David G


2/24/2010 4:03:37 PM

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