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Humans intuitively know about God in the same way chickens instinctively know how to peck. It's part of our nature. That's why atheism is intellectually an unnatural act... If your children lacked the imagination to have invisible friends, that’s too bad.

Albert Cipriani, Internet Infidels 20 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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4/21/2006 5:40:21 AM


Its quotes like these that make me glad to be running this website.

4/21/2006 8:44:44 AM

David D.G.

Oh, good grief! This is hysTERical! He actually manages to acknowledge that God is imaginary, yet he STILL fails to recognize his own conclusion! This is truly an incredible case of doublethink.

~David D.G.

4/21/2006 2:45:50 PM


I had a lot of invisible friends, but I only believed in the ones I made up myself.

3/26/2008 4:40:51 AM


Most healthy sane children have invisible friends at one time or another, there is nothing wrong with it. If those friends are still with them as adults there might be a problem...

3/26/2008 2:14:58 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Excellent simile!
The intellect of chickens = belief in god.

3/26/2008 2:44:00 PM


Most chidren never NEED imaginary friends because they have some real ones. And intellectual people don't either.

Imagination is one thing, one of mankinds better traits, but it can lead to stupid things if reality is not a governing factor

3/26/2008 3:32:29 PM

Grand Archblasphemer of York

Humans intuitively know how to have sex, and how to beat people to death...does that mean that we should trust our intuition on those matters as well? Just because something is suggested by intuition does not mean that it is accurate.

3/26/2008 7:08:33 PM


invisible friends like, your imaginary god?

4/11/2008 7:34:47 PM


I'd choose WONDER at creation as a way to offload my hangups.

PS I use "creaion" not in the sense of "that which is created" but in the sense of infinity/eternity. (Fuck back to Haydn

4/11/2008 9:07:54 PM

El Guapo

"Humans intuitively know about God in the same way chickens instinctively know how to peck."

Praying humans compared to pecking chickens. Daddy like.

"If your children lacked the imagination to have invisible friends, that’s too bad."

What if your children retain their invisible friends when they grow up? Does this mean their invisible friends were real, or simply that your children never really did grow up. David Berkowitz was imprisoned for six consecutive life sentences for devoutly following the commands of an invisible friend.

Keep pecking, chicken little.

4/11/2008 9:11:05 PM

Hm. I was always told I had an active imagination.

But I never had an imaginary friend.

Of course, when one has a close friend in a younger brother, one doesn't need to invent playmates.

4/30/2008 5:51:28 PM


wait, did he just admit that he's full of shit?

4/30/2008 5:53:34 PM


My imaginary friend can beat up your imaginary friend!

4/30/2008 5:57:37 PM


yeah, that’s too bad ...

4/30/2008 5:58:32 PM

Quantum Mechanic

The Cipriani Hotel is a fantastic place.
Albert Cipriani is fucking nuts.

9/8/2011 3:50:48 PM


Humans have believed in thousands of gods. What makes yours so special?

At least all chickens peck the same way. Your analogy sucks - as fundies' analogies almost always do.

9/9/2011 1:22:52 AM


...are you admitting that Jesus is a made-up invisible friend?

8/30/2012 7:37:55 PM

I had inisible friends when I was a kid. I did not listen when they said chopping a kitten up with a cleaver would be fun, I did not listen when they suggested pushing Timmie in front of a train would be so cool, and so on. As I grew up they went away.

The sad thing is Christians listen when their invisible friend tells them to do bad things.

8/30/2012 7:53:35 PM


"...and when I became a man, I put away childish things..."

4/20/2017 5:13:20 PM

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