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Now that I have your attention from that provocative title [Why We Hate Jews], let me say that by using the word 'hate' I do not mean to imply some sort of alleged systematic gassing and cremation of the most hideous and satanic breed of people on the face of the earth, although that may be a future consideration in light of Bible prophecy.

Pastor Mark Downey, Kinsman Redeemer Ministries 85 Comments [2/28/2010 10:30:55 AM]
Fundie Index: 103
Submitted By: M.M.

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Gassing and cremation? You know, I think I've read about a little fat man with an undersized must ache doing that... I think he's one of the most hated people ever to live.. ah, what did they call him? </sarcastic>

1/2/2012 10:19:46 AM

Die in a fire.

1/2/2012 10:41:47 AM

Why, mr. Hitler, you're such an attention whore.

1/2/2012 11:26:48 AM


"Relax, silly! I don't want to kill Jews by burning them to death right NOW!"

1/2/2012 8:17:00 PM

The most hideous and satanic breed of people on the face of the Earth?
People like Moses, Abraham and Jesus, right?

1/3/2012 4:53:55 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Hopefully someone will beat you to death.
That has to be the most disgusting bunch of shit I've read in a long time.

1/3/2012 5:10:09 AM

Race Mixer

I've looked at this website, and never in my life have I read more hateful statements. It's truly disgusting that something like this even exists. I hope Mark "racist" Downey falls on a knife.

2/26/2012 11:52:32 AM

Child comes from broken dysfunctional home, where perhaps he was molested or physically abused. He is not given the love and affection he needs, nor the Christian moral foundation to be a productive functional citizen of society. This child desperately searches for the attention, love, he never received as a child, not unlike children who join gangs. The child Mark Downey is filled with anger, and blames his own failures and dysfuntionality on someone else, in this case the Jews and other none white races will be his scape goat. He could not possible stomach that none whites and Jews could be successful in life, and he covets this success, because he is a failure. The anger within him grows out of control. He looks to find people who will grant him an audience for his hatred for those more successful and happy in life, than he will ever be. He finds people with mutual life experiences like he has had. These rejects of society begin to feed off each other’s hatred, and it grows like the flames of hell. Rejects of a feather flock together. These outcasts of society twist and pervert the word of God to suit and fuel their own hateful needs. Sound familiar? Hitler was like this. As a Christian, I will say I do not believe in reincarnation, but I do believe in Demonic possession. I believe the outcast, rejects of society like Mark Downey become demonically possessed. They are easy prey for Satan. He does not have to work hard to win people like Mark Downey and his followers over, because they are already there. Mark Downey is very much like the Satanic cult of mass sociopathic psychosis….Islam. They say the eyes are the mirror to the soul. One will either see the light of the Holy Spirit in a person’s eyes, or the vile dark evil of Satan. In both Mark Downey, and the followers of Islam, we see the vile dark evil of Satan. We need to pray for this evil man to accept Jesus Christ as his savior, because it is obvious he has not. Foolish man. Does he honestly think when he stands before God, that God will judge him by the color of his skin, and not the content of his character?

7/20/2014 3:00:03 PM

Hate all of those of different religious beliefs for Jeebus!

7/20/2014 3:01:45 PM


Oh yes you do

8/7/2015 3:37:39 AM

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