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Note: This is from a website of quotes from customer service people and the stupidity they have to deal with on a regular basis

I work in a clinic where we test drugs on people. Upon check-in, we confiscate any items that could disrupt the study. I’m returning a pair of ankle weights to a participant; we had to remove them so he wouldn’t work out during the study.)

Me: “Here are your items.” *hands him ankle weights*

Participant: “Can I put them on now?”

Me: “Sure.”

Participant: *sits down and straps on weights* “You know why I wear these?”

Me: “…to build muscle?”

Participant: “So I don’t get the bends when the rapture comes!”

Participant, Not Always Right 60 Comments [3/15/2010 1:23:28 PM]
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Submitted By: Marc

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3/15/2010 1:30:34 PM

Sandwich Board

I just had this sudden mental image of hundreds of people being snatched up into heaven and their heads popping with the sudden change of pressure.

3/15/2010 1:34:39 PM



3/15/2010 1:34:40 PM

... no such thing as being too prepared...


I guess.

3/15/2010 1:36:55 PM


3/15/2010 1:40:01 PM

Rumpshaker Slim

Someones putting way to much thought into something that will never happen.

3/15/2010 1:40:12 PM

Quantum Mechanic

That's original.

Stupid, but original.

Is the participant mixed gas certified?

3/15/2010 1:41:30 PM


So this is the original Rapture Ready...

3/15/2010 1:45:36 PM


a technical fundie ?

3/15/2010 1:48:00 PM


I'm equally worried about the fact that he's wearing ankle weights all day. They're not meant for that at all; what a terrible idea and a great way to destroy your knees.

That said, I suspect that he's joking about decompression sickness, although I don't doubt that he believes in the rapture.

3/15/2010 1:56:27 PM

Doubting Thomas

So, what, God didn't prepare for that problem? Why not wear a space suit so you'll be able to breathe when you rush into outer space?

And people believe they'll leave all their clothes & everything else behind anyway, so why would a set of ankle weights make the trip?

3/15/2010 2:04:35 PM


Are you sure this is not an S&M scene?

3/15/2010 2:06:49 PM


That is a whole new level of idiocy.

3/15/2010 2:08:59 PM


It's one thing for these people to view the Rapture as some vast spiritual reckoning day, but to actually be thinking over the mundane technical details (that God apparently missed) blows my mind.

3/15/2010 2:13:35 PM


ahh yes, of course, as recommended in Isaiah
"... and thou shalt wear ankle weights into even if thou art a total twat"

3/15/2010 2:13:50 PM

The scariest part is that this is totally unsurprising. Hilarious, but unsurprising.

3/15/2010 2:15:38 PM

dog on

Gee, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of..... everybody knows for a nominal fee god will let you use his hyperbaric chamber upon arrival.

3/15/2010 2:28:59 PM


I think the guy was making a joke.

If he wasn't the CS person would have probably had to endure a lecture on the rapture. Having had what a phone bank company called "Southern Training" which meant understanding that the Southern US is way different than the North - I'm sensing he was just making a joke in religious context. Not fundie, but kind of a good joke if you are in to that sort of thing.

3/15/2010 2:31:42 PM

Creedence Leonore Gielgud

Hearsay shouldn't be included here. There's absolutely no way for us to know if this conversation ever actually happened or not.

3/15/2010 2:38:39 PM



What an idiot!

3/15/2010 3:06:17 PM


Oh fuck me! There is no way I brought enough bread crumbs to find my way back to reality from that quote.

3/15/2010 3:09:35 PM


uh huh...

That wouldn't be so bad if it made any sense at all.

3/15/2010 3:19:40 PM

David D.G.

Creedence Leonore Gielgud

Hearsay shouldn't be included here. There's absolutely no way for us to know if this conversation ever actually happened or not.

Exactly correct. I love NotAlwaysRight.com, but the FSTDT mainpage exists to showcase fundies's self-proclaimed idiocies, not merely second-hand accounts of them. They may well be funny, but they don't belong here if they are not verifiable.

~David D.G.

3/15/2010 3:33:06 PM


Creedence and David are right - we're not supposed to have hearsay on FSTDT.

3/15/2010 3:52:07 PM


Yep, definitely the drugs.

3/15/2010 3:53:36 PM

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