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The current governments efforts to normalize ‘open’ homosexuals in the military has nothing to do with anyones rights. The modern American left despises our military and wants to destroy it as a culture. This attitude goes back as far as Patricia Schroeder...probably much further. To me, proof that they care nothing about the military’s state of readiness, morale or it’s war fighting capability is more than apparent by the way they literally collaborate with every enemy we have. For them to prevail, they must poison law enforcement and the military with political correctness.

VR-21, Free Republic 34 Comments [3/29/2010 7:38:51 PM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

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Actually we would like to shape a world where it isn't necessary to send young men and women, gay or straight, off to die in a war. That day is a LONG way away, I am not unrealistic regarding the geo-political realities of the world, but every journey starts with a single step.

Oh wait, my bad, it's Free Republic. They want to bomb all brown people.

3/30/2010 10:24:12 AM

Zeus Almighty

Yawn. Replace "homosexuals" with "blacks" in this ill-argued gibberish and you've got a lovely 1940s argument against integrating the military.
I don't remember hearing about our military going to shit after integration occurred.

3/30/2010 10:25:34 AM


Yep. 'Cause you saw your allies' militaries disintegrating when they integrated the openly homosexual into their armed forces.

Another thing: With the US having such a hard time finding soldiers, you would think that allowing anyone to serve would be at the top of the priority list. It'd get rid of Stop-Loss pretty quick.

3/30/2010 12:17:34 PM

I read about the afterlife

Uh VR-21, I have Lieutenent Dan Choi on the line. He'd like to have a word with you.

3/30/2010 12:40:54 PM

Old Viking

This is barely coherent.

3/30/2010 12:51:17 PM


I don't think it's that, so much as your military kind of looks bad when it starts killing off its own people out of hate. Canada laughs at you, you know...

Honestly though... people shooting at you, trying to avoid landmines... yeah, I can't imagine anyone would be thinking about anyone else's ass as their top priority, really.

3/30/2010 3:51:55 PM


Paranoid: party of one! :D Your table is waiting....

3/30/2010 4:40:06 PM


My parents have both been in the military, Dad my entire life. We are Canadians but have frequently lived and worked with American military people, families and individuals. I am quite 'left' and I know that military folk are a lot more left than you think. Miliary is so much more about community and support within than you know, and it weakens the moral of the community if anyone is excluded and can't support or be supported by the community. Military folk are posted all over the world and form friendships with other military folk regardless of personal beliefs. My family seemed to host miniature G8 conventions on our homes all the time. Never did I hear a single military person, American or otherwise say a mean word against homosexuals or anyone who was simply different.

3/31/2010 2:47:34 PM


Yeah, this doesnt have anything to do with anyones rights. Except homosexuals but obviously this is Amurica and they dont count.

4/1/2010 9:36:05 PM

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