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The only reason America has not had race war is that the whites of America have chosen not to. Not all blacks, but many blacks, have been making war on whites for decades. No official white dares point this out; only a black can.

DesertFox, Free Conservatives 19 Comments [4/13/2010 1:51:52 PM]
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Rumpshaker Slim

The reason there hasn't been a race war in America is because the only people who want one are pathetic internet tough guys who are so cowardly when they see a black man in real life they wet their pants and run away screaming for help. Just like DesertFox!

4/13/2010 2:44:44 PM


Citation needed.

4/13/2010 2:45:24 PM

Or it's because people have realized that the differences between "races" are only superficial and that constantly reinforcing the imagined differences is what causes "racial tension."

4/13/2010 2:45:43 PM


Or maybe because a "race war" is completely idiotic and the only people who are actually going to participate in the War are fools, who in the end would off themselves because their own ignorance will be the cause of their own doom

4/13/2010 2:53:07 PM


What Reyno said.

4/13/2010 2:57:32 PM


"official white"?

4/13/2010 4:43:58 PM

And just what would you call the Civil War, where white Southerners fought for the right to keep black slaves?

4/13/2010 6:00:44 PM



4/13/2010 9:22:28 PM


This guy makes AV look sane. You have no masculinity of your own and you try to compensate that with substitutes.

4/13/2010 10:05:54 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

I'm LOLing at the stupid!!

4/14/2010 7:14:16 AM

The reason why there isn't the said war is because only a group of crackpots in the South try still to live in the 19th century.

4/14/2010 10:10:06 AM

Doubting Thomas

The only reason there hasn't been a race war is because pathetic white racist rednecks enjoy bitching about minorities and talk big about what they want to do to them, but lack the balls to actually do what they say ought to be done. They know that they'll be sent to prison for a long, long time. So instead they read The Turner Diaries while fondling themselves.

4/14/2010 11:17:21 AM

Why do people think this shit is strictly southern? The Klaniest state in the union was Ohio, skin heads tend to congregate in the north west, and the LAPD is one of the most racist law enforcement agencies in the US.

4/14/2010 3:20:39 PM


That's it DesertFox, just rationalize why you still don't have dominion over blacks and conqured the Jews and why life sucks for you in general.

When you come to grips with reality, everyone here at RSTDT will warmly welcome you to it.

4/14/2010 4:47:12 PM


Race war? Is Charles Manson making this guy acid? Helter Skelter is just a Beetles song. There are no secret messages about race wars.

4/14/2010 10:15:00 PM

"The Klaniest state in the union was Ohio, skin heads tend to congregate in the north west, and the LAPD is one of the most racist law enforcement agencies in the US."

And let us not forget that Arizona just passed what are essentially Apartheid laws against Mexicans

4/15/2010 10:37:27 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Trouble with your little dream of a "race war" is that plenty of "whites" see the impact of pro - racist movements and governments as a universally bad thing.

Check out this photo.

Notice that a lot of the people wanting to kick his arse are also white. Racists, white, black or whatever are insecure assholes, no one likes them. Sorry.

4/18/2010 5:11:02 PM


I have a theory that the internet is actually spanning across parallel realities.

Free conservative posters might actually be living in a twisted alternate world where this shit isn't publicly laughed at.

4/20/2010 8:18:29 PM


To believe that this was written after this announcement I found:

Someone should bring this to their attention.

7/5/2010 12:30:52 AM

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