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Hear we go again. I'm Christian. To those who doubt, take this.

Fact atheism is a religion, it is something one practices.

Fact atheist have faith, faith in science.

Fact atheist have a god, it is whatever is the center of their life.

Fact atheist claim to be all-knowing, ironic isn't it.

Resume-Rob, Okcupid.com 88 Comments [4/15/2010 3:58:48 AM]
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Fact: Placing fact infront of a sentence doesn't automatically make it true.

4/15/2010 4:02:49 AM

Paschal Wagner

Fact: you are well-informed and know what you're talking about.

...See how that doesn't work the way you think?

4/15/2010 4:08:40 AM


Fact: you are an idiot.

4/15/2010 4:11:09 AM


Statement: The meatbag does not know what he speaks about. His stupidity knows know bounds. Shall I shoot him now, Master?

4/15/2010 4:29:15 AM

The Jamo

FACT: Atheism is not a religion as there is nothing to practice, there is no dogma, no set of rules and no prescribed codes of behaviour. A lack of belief in a deity means that we simply do nothing when it comes to matters of religion.

FACT: Atheists have faith in many things, be it science, humanity, the state lottery, their country's leading political party. What's your point? Faith is not a qualifier for pretending there is a ghost living in the sky.

FACT: Atheists are called atheists because they DON'T have a god. Do you need me to repeat that for you? I would bravely venture that the thing at the centre of an average atheist's life are their interpersonal relationships with other people.

FACT: Only your god claims to be all-knowing, and that's not ironic as much as it is plainly bullshit. However, perhaps you've stumbled upon an atheist once who did say that, and if he wasn't doing that to get on your nerves and was serious, I'd call him an idiot too.

QED, bitch.

4/15/2010 4:36:33 AM

Mike Sihl

"Fact atheism is a religion, it is something one practices. "

Your definition of religion is wrong. According to Webster's Evil Atheistic Secular Dictionary, "religion" is:

"1. A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny
2. Institution to express belief in a divine power"

Atheism does not have 1, nor is atheism 2.

"Fact atheist have faith, faith in science. "

Atheists accept scientific discoveries, theories and facts. Faith is not required. Once again Webster's disagrees with you on your definition of "faith".

"Fact atheist have a god, it is whatever is the center of their life."

If atheists had a god, they wouldn't be atheists at all. For a third time, Webster's definition of "god" differs greatly to yours.

"Fact atheist claim to be all-knowing, ironic isn't it. "

Can you provide a single quote from an atheist, without taking it out of context, making such a claim?

In summery:

Fact: You do not know what religion is

Fact: You do not know what faith is

Fact: You do not know what a god is

Fact: You do not know what an atheist is

4/15/2010 4:36:42 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Most scientists I know don't care enough about religion to call themselves atheists.

4/15/2010 4:37:56 AM


Fact: Atheism is lack of belief or religion.

Fact: You are a twit.

4/15/2010 4:39:47 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

This was posted on a dating site? Hope you're not planning to get anyone to love you for your mind Rob.

4/15/2010 4:44:53 AM


Here's how I practice atheism: I pray to nothing, there is no authority on all things atheism, I don't congregate with other atheists and I don't care about people's religion as long as they keep it to themselves. So yes, if you see NOT doing something as an activity, I practice atheism...

I have faith in science in the same way that I trust logic and reason to have any merit on their own...

The center of my life is my life itself. Figure that one out.

I think an atheist will be the first to admit they don't know everyting. Knowing everything is unimaginably boring, but it takes a certain amount of intelligence to grasp that concept.

In short: Educate yourself you tool.

4/15/2010 4:48:24 AM

Mister Spak

Fact bald is a hair color, it is the color of your lack of hair.

Fact bald people have a form of hair called none.

Fact bald people have hair it is whatever is on their head.

Fact bald people claim to have warm heads, ironic isn't it.

4/15/2010 4:53:10 AM


"Fact atheism is a religion, it is something one practices."

Nope, that would make playing piano, riding a unicycle or hackisack a religion. I think all you trying this branding everything a religion KNOW you have to have a God and worship them to fulfill the requirements. This is a lame attempt to shame Atheists by (oddly enough) comparing us to yourself

"Fact atheist have faith, faith in science."

Nope, a lot of Atheists don't have any intrest in science, it's not required to believe in science to not believe in the supernatural. Science has the edge over all religions in that it's provable in everyday life, your toaster proves scientific accomplishment.

"Fact atheist have a god, it is whatever is the center of their life."

Nope again. A hobby, belief, career or disipline is not a religion if there's no Godhead worship. Again I believe you ALL KNOW this.

"Fact atheist claim to be all-knowing, ironic isn't it."

You personally know an all powerful entity yet claim we play the more arrogant card. Atheists at least seem to understand what irony actually is and when it occurs. If an Atheist claimed he believed in an all powerful entity named Jimmy Four-noses created us and thats why Christians are stupid, THAT would be ironic and arrogant. If he wasn't joking

4/15/2010 4:58:33 AM


I find it extraordinarilly silly how he thinks that entering the word "Fact" in front of every bit of BS he spews somehow give him some credibility. I give you a D-.

4/15/2010 5:04:07 AM


Fact: According to the definition of religion, atheists cannot be religious.

Fact: Observing the balance of life and basing facts and theories off of it is not faith.

Fact: Enjoying the good things in life does not imply worship of them.

Fact: Fundamentalist christians claim to know everything about life, hence, why they arrogantly repeat slogans about how they believe everyone will burn in hell except them.

4/15/2010 5:07:42 AM


How do they keep producing people who think this shit they spout is rational discourse?

4/15/2010 5:34:01 AM


I practice not believing in unicorns, so is that a religion too?

4/15/2010 5:43:47 AM


FACT: Bears eat beets.
FACT: Bears beat Battlestar Galactica.[/obscure office reference]

4/15/2010 5:44:27 AM


Even if any of his so-called "facts" were true, how does that prove he's a Christian?

4/15/2010 5:54:41 AM


Fact atheism is a religion, it is something one practices.
Yet it has no church, no centralized belief outside of eschewing the belief in any deity, no holy book, no rituals, no holy leader...nothing that is the hallmark of a religion.

Fact atheist have faith, faith in science.
No, we wait until science is put through the proper channels, and has been proven and observed. Which is why we laugh at the "theory" of Creationism.

Fact atheist have a god, it is whatever is the center of their life.
So we worship life, then?

Fact atheist claim to be all-knowing, ironic isn't it.
No, we don't. If anything, the average atheist is more than willing to admit that we know little. Matter of fact, it tends to be Fundies who claim to have the ABSOLUTE TRUTH (patent pending) and know better than professionals in any field because they have TEH BIBLE!

4/15/2010 6:08:20 AM

Evil European Atheist.

"Fact atheism is a religion, it is something one practices."
Affirmation, withot proof.
And no, atheism si not a religion, as It lack the social organisation based on a dogma.

"Fact atheist have faith, faith in science."
Faith (and by extension, beliefs") are incompatible with science.
Because science is about questionning and doubt.
Faith is about dogmatism.
So your pitiful statement is just a mark of your ignorance and bigotry.

"Fact atheist claim to be all-knowing, ironic isn't it"
Fact fundie are ignorant, intolerant and dangerous althought they claim have truth.

4/15/2010 6:09:20 AM


Fact: science are facts. NOT FAITH.

Facts are the complete opposite of faith.

4/15/2010 6:18:16 AM

Big Jilm

Can't a single fucking fundy construct a basic fucking sentence?

I count four comma splices; learn some English.

How does one practice, "I don't believe your bullshit" when responding to a fundy?

Atheism does not require belief in science.

Atheist cannot have a god; if they did, they wouldn't be Atheist.

Atheists are not required to be or claim to be all-knowing.

Ironic? No. A string of bold-face lies (or at best, gross misunderstandings)? yes.

4/15/2010 6:19:06 AM


I don't practice atheism.
I don't have faith in science. I don't have to. Science has facts. I accept the facts.
I don't have a god. Get a dictionary. Atheists do not have gods. I worship nothing.
I never claimed to be all-knowing. That is a claim you morons have been making for your god. I realize I do not know everything. I also realize I know more than you.

4/15/2010 6:22:07 AM


All these things are demonstrably true, since you prefixed them with "fact." Now if only you had written "PERIOD" at the end, too.

4/15/2010 6:36:36 AM


So it's 'faith' that ensures my computer will start up, load the OS, and work how I want it to? 'Belief' that drives every aspect of life involving science directly or indirectly, eh?

The battery in my MP3 player is running low. I guess I must pray to charge it up eh, Resume-Rob?

Fact: Resume-Rob can power his computer, boot up an operating system, go onto the internet and type his bullshit purely by the power of 'faith' and 'belief'.

Fact: Irony meters worldwide - even those switched off - explode.

4/15/2010 7:05:24 AM

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