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No decent woman would crave sex with a black animal. Save your filth for the black tramps you're messing with. Hope they give you STD's. LMAO!

judi123, Topix 25 Comments [4/24/2010 10:44:48 AM]
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Define "decent woman" for me. 'Cuz to me, a decent woman is one that respects herself and at least tries to be with men/women who treat her well. That ability isn't exclusive to any skin colour.

If we're talking actual animals (not black people), though, then that's just bestiality. And that's terrible.

4/24/2010 11:06:13 AM


No decent woman would be a racist. Save your filth for your skinhead lovers who treat their women like crap more often then not. You know "kinder, kuchen, kirche".(sp.?) If you got any STD from them, it would serve you right. I bet your a Christian, too.

4/24/2010 11:34:50 AM


Fuck you. I already fucked your mom and she's already had enough black cocks to make most porn stars jealous.

4/24/2010 11:44:21 AM


LMAO indeed.

4/24/2010 12:17:16 PM

Street Sharks

Hehe everyone in that thread mocked her and caused her to get enraged after she said that.

4/24/2010 12:57:40 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

Meanwhile, judi, having taken a tramp in the woods, is found lying in a ditch on the edge of town.

4/24/2010 7:35:40 PM


no decent person would be racist

4/24/2010 7:40:07 PM

D Laurier.

judi123, didnt I see you in a zoophilia flic?
You were being rogered by a black labrador retriever

4/24/2010 7:58:25 PM


this post is worthless without pics

My reaction to this picture probably takes me off Judi's decent woman list forever, if I wasn't already going to be off it.

4/24/2010 11:51:21 PM


So I guess polar bears are okay? Or do they count as black animals, since their skin is actually black?

4/25/2010 12:03:54 AM

Zeus Almighty

No decent man would crave sex with a toxic waste of douche like judi123.

4/25/2010 12:46:36 AM

@Freethink "kinder,kuchen,kirche" translates to "children, cake, church". You meant "Kinder, Küche, Kirche" (children, kitchen, church)

4/25/2010 4:40:33 AM

I agree, bestiality is disgusting. ESPECIALLY with black bears.

What? Other black animals? No such things.

4/25/2010 5:50:59 AM

Don't worry. It's too late for Wentworth Miller's mom. Or Halley Berry, for that matter.

4/25/2010 8:25:15 AM


I'll have the cake, thanks.

4/25/2010 9:09:15 AM


The cake is a lie...

4/25/2010 10:27:45 AM


Thanxall for the correction. My Deutsch sprechen is a bit rusty.

4/25/2010 11:05:16 AM

Rumpshaker Slim

Hmm, these "black tramps" intrigue me. Where might they be located?

4/25/2010 6:18:39 PM


Poor, poor judi. Got stood up again, didn't you?

Life sucks, doesn't it?

4/25/2010 10:44:26 PM

No decent woman would have sex with 25%, at least, of the Virginian white population, knowing that their offsprings, misteriously, will produce perfectly normal children. See the President of United States or Halley Berry, for example.

4/26/2010 9:37:13 AM


If by "black animal" you meant "black non-human animal", you would be entirely correct. Decent women don't have sex with donkeys, horses, etc, etc, regardless of the color of the animal.

If by "black animal" you meant a human being of dark skin color, then you belong in an asylum for the criminally insane. I could mention that the Biblical Moses married an Ethiopian. Look it up.

Of course, Moses was a man. Perhaps that makes a difference in your bigoted mind.

4/27/2010 7:20:25 PM

I have never understand why white guy/black girl is ok but black guy/white girl isn't. Oh, wait, it's SEXISM, AMIRITE?????????????

4/28/2010 8:22:43 PM


Uhh, no decent woman would crave sex with an animal period, black or not...

(But, of course, that's not what you literally meant, 'cause you were just being a racist douche, thus hardly a "decent woman" yourself.)

Oh, and @LadyJafaria: Yuuummmy... I'd take that fine male specimen over a racist assbag any day.

Yeah, guess I'm not a decent fella anymore, huh, judi123? Oh well, I probably never was in your bigoted eyes, anyway, since you're almost certainly also homophobic if you're racist.

5/5/2010 6:21:03 AM


No, I don't crave sex with animals,, but blacks are people, and if I ever met a black guy who was good romantic material, smart, funny, compassionate, etc, I'd be craving sex and a whole lot of other fun things with him.

5/8/2010 1:58:33 AM


No decent human being would crave existing near a souless asshole. Save your bullshit for the filthy old sock that is your only friend in the universe.

5/25/2010 12:10:44 AM

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