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I think you should belong in a different nation as you dont like the basis of this one. Or maybe you should start a revolution.
Aethiesim exists here only because thre god fearing allow it. The founders call them infidels . None would have ever been elected back then. Jefferson had to constantly remind people he was a true christian.

We get our rights from god. If you dont believe in god then count yourself lucky the rest of us do and therefore allow even non believers these rights.

Penrod, Sean Hannity Forum 52 Comments [4/25/2010 6:30:52 PM]
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shut up

You don't even know who Thomas Jefferson is.

4/25/2010 6:50:41 PM


The same Thomas Jefferson that said "Christianity is the most perverted system that has ever shone on man?"

4/25/2010 7:00:56 PM



4/25/2010 7:10:16 PM


"We get our rights from god."

If that were true, then surely a theocracy would be the best form of regime when it comes to respecting people's rights.

4/25/2010 7:15:24 PM


"Aethiesim exists here only because thre god fearing allow it."

1. Learn to type.

2. No one "allows" us anything. I earn an honest living, pay my taxes, and am law-abiding. That gives me just as much right to my beliefs as you have to yours.

4/25/2010 7:18:16 PM


Yeah, he sure was reminding everyone he was a Christian when he edited all the miracles out of the Bible and the divinity of the Christ.

4/25/2010 7:20:34 PM

Someone failed at history.

4/25/2010 7:31:04 PM

Rumpshaker Slim

An idiot who listens to Sean Hannity?


4/25/2010 7:32:39 PM


The personal beliefs of the founders are not important.It's very clear in the Constitution religions place in America.

4/25/2010 7:33:03 PM


...We get our rights from the Constitution. And last I checked, God is not a two-hundred year old piece of paper.

4/25/2010 7:38:24 PM

caustic gnostic

We get our rights from god.

The only 'rights' god gave you was the right to be an ignorant slave.

Enlightenment gave the rest of us our rights, which includes the right to think.

4/25/2010 7:46:08 PM

Old Viking

Well we're grateful for your generosity, Penrod.

4/25/2010 8:22:55 PM

refuter of fundy vermin

Penrod sounds like an admirer of the filthy Iranian ayatollahs/Afghani Taliban mullahs. Maybe HE should get his ass out of the USA to Iran. He & Ahmadinejad could have a great time shoving it up each other's shitpipe.

4/25/2010 8:28:13 PM

What the hell is Aethiesim and where can I sign up? I can see it now..."So, what religion are you?" "Aethiest."

4/25/2010 8:31:58 PM


"Aethiesim exists here only because thre god fearing allow it."

Learn to spell.

Oh, and HA! You're fucking joking, right?

"The founders call them infidels ."

I'm not aware of any Founding Father ever using the word "infidel" at all, let alone to refer to atheists.

"None would have ever been elected back then. Jefferson had to constantly remind people he was a true christian."

Jefferson? Thomas Jefferson? The guy who published his own version of the Bible that removed all of the supernatural bullshit? That Jefferson?

Again, HA!

"We get our rights from god."

No, we get our rights from the government, which is an extension of the people.

"If you dont believe in god then count yourself lucky the rest of us do and therefore allow even non believers these rights."

The most cherished rights we have were largely crafted by a group of men who were non-religious, deist or people you would never consider to be Christian.

4/25/2010 8:51:18 PM


Aethiesim exists here only because thre god fearing allow it.

That really sounds like a five-year-old saying, "Yeah, but you only won 'cos I let you win!" - don't you think?

4/25/2010 8:56:41 PM


If, as you say, our rights come from god, then he (or ,because he is imaginary, his followers) can bestow or deny these rights at his (their) whim.

Which leaves the rest of us ordinary folk mere slaves and less than slaves.

Why would we then count ourselves lucky?

4/25/2010 9:09:26 PM


Jefferson? The guy who chopped up the Bible to cut out all the supernatural shit? The guy who wrote about separation of church and state (and got cut out of Texas textbooks for doing so)? Oh yeah, a true Christian all the way.

4/25/2010 10:42:08 PM

"The founders call them infidels".

The founders of what? Iran? Saudi Arabia?

You sure as shit aren't talking about any of the US Founding Fathers.

4/25/2010 10:53:15 PM


I don't think you understand how rights work.

4/25/2010 10:58:22 PM

Hey! Your boy Hannity is being investigated for fraud with his "charity", you know.

One would think that as a Christian on the Hannity forum, his alleged misuse of charitable donations would be of more concern to you than denigrating others for their beliefs.

Oh, right....you're a Republican. Never mind.

4/25/2010 11:00:33 PM


Thank FSM that I don't live in the US.

All the basic human rights are stated in conventions within the United Nations, where almost all countries on Earth are included. People of many different faiths, lack of faiths, and many different ideologies. The human rights seem to come from humanity, not from your, or anyone else's, god.

4/25/2010 11:04:54 PM

Pule Thamex

I said to God, "Hi God. Listen! Do you mind if I don't have rights from you? In fact, no offence Matey, but I'd rather not have anything from you, let alone rights. It's just that I rather prefer being good to being evil. And I'm quite happy being happy and tolerating others and being generally, well, at least reasonably, good."

He said, "No sweat, man. Actually, you just passed my test."

4/25/2010 11:34:31 PM

Slave To Uni

Obviously homeskulled.

4/25/2010 11:40:16 PM


1. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." ~ United States Constitution, First Amendment. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black puts it in more modern terms if you're too stupid to understand the above:

"The 'establishment of religion' clause of the First Amendment means at least this: Neither a state nor the federal government can set up a church. Neither can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion over another. Neither can force nor influence a person to go to or to remain away from church against his will or force him to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion. No person can be punished for entertaining or professing religious beliefs or disbeliefs, for church attendance or non-attendance. No tax in any amount, large or small, can be levied to support any religious activities or institutions, whatever they may be called, or whatever form they may adopt to teach or practice religion. Neither a state nor the Federal Government can, openly or secretly, participate in the affairs of any religious organizations or groups and vice versa. In the words of Jefferson, the clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect 'a wall of separation between church and State.'" (Source.)

So it seems like the basis of this nation (I'm assuming you are referring to the U.S.) is in secularism, which means I possess (and enjoy) the right to not belong to any religion.

4/26/2010 12:15:31 AM

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