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How do Atheists explain the Solar System?
why do all the planets revolve around the Sun? is that just an accident or do all the planets have their own minds and know they must do it for us people on Earth. i mean, theirs no other explanation. Scientists cannot explain this at all. it is cleary designed for all the planets to revolve the light. if not then your saying one day the Earth can decide to stop and not revolve. if nothing controlling it whats stopping it from doing whatever else it feels like.

Jona * D, Yahoo Answers 124 Comments [4/29/2010 9:45:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Catherine

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"How do Atheists explain the solar system?"

Oddly enough there is an entire branch of science called astronomy that deals with questions like that.

Honestly I can't tell if this is a Poe.

4/29/2010 12:19:14 PM


I'd say this asshole overdosed on the Stupid Pills...

4/29/2010 12:22:36 PM

Random Guy

Sir Isaac Newton is spinning in his grave.

4/29/2010 12:37:01 PM

caustic gnostic

Before you retake your science lessons, Jona*, I suggest you complete a remedial english composition course.

In other words, DO SK00L, you n00b.

4/29/2010 12:46:45 PM


I'm a language nerd, so I have very scant knowledge of the Universe. I still know that physics govern the planets, the moons, the stars, they pull on each other, and they move in accordance with the ongoing Big Bang.

"revolve the light" What the hell does that mean?

The Earth has no conscience, no mind of it's own, it doesn't "feel like" doing anything. It just follows the laws of physics.

4/29/2010 12:56:11 PM


Home schooled science at work! *sigh*

I'm not sure how to insert an image here, so I refer you to this one:

4/29/2010 1:11:17 PM


My bad! Sorry! Double post, almost.

4/29/2010 1:12:34 PM

Pedantic Twit

Did you go to school at all? I ask this sincerely.

'Cause dude. Fuckin' rainbows.

4/29/2010 1:13:28 PM


Heh, THEORY of gravity, atheists! *smug*

4/29/2010 1:21:28 PM

Mrs. Antichrist

How the hell do these people manage to stay so ignorant?

4/29/2010 1:23:00 PM


4/29/2010 1:33:53 PM


4/29/2010 1:39:15 PM


I actually feel sad for people like this.

4/29/2010 1:40:52 PM


In case anyone actually encounters anyone like this in real life, here's a fun little demonstration.

Take a ball, attach it to a string, and swing it around. This, mechanically, is somewhat similar to how planets orbit the sun. If your hand represents the sun, and the ball the planet, the force the string exerts on the ball to keep the ball moving in a circular motion instead of flying off is exactly like the force the sun's gravity exerts on the planet to keep in moving in a circular motion.

4/29/2010 2:04:19 PM


This goes up there with the guy who claimed no one has ever made water in a lab and the one who thought there was no scientific explanation for rainbows.

Why do they all jump from "I don't know how this works" to "SCIENCE CANNOT EXPLAIN IT!" without even thinking about looking it the fuck up?

4/29/2010 2:17:44 PM


if nothing controlling it whats stopping it from doing whatever else it feels like.

If you knock a glass off the table, can it just "decide" to stop in mid-air instead of falling? Because that's what the planets are doing: falling towards the sun, just like your glass falls towards the floor. Didn't you learn this stuff in fifth grade?

4/29/2010 2:28:40 PM

The L

Yes, Jona, the laws of physics are called "laws" because various amalgamations of matter must consciously choose to obey them. This is why, sometimes, gravity stops working for an hour or two. The Earth thought it could get away with it.

In other news, the ice cubes in my drinks CHOOSE to melt of their own volition.

4/29/2010 2:34:23 PM



4/29/2010 3:07:57 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

I weep for the future of my country.

4/29/2010 3:31:51 PM

D Laurier.

"How do Atheists explain the Solar System?"
Why should atheists need to explain the solar system? Planetary astronomers and physicists are paid to do that.

"why do all the planets revolve around the Sun?"
Because they dont. Only the planets of THIS PARTICULAR solar system do.

"is that just an accident or do all the planets have their own minds and know they must do it for us people on Earth." It's neither.

"i mean, theirs no other explanation."
Lol... You mean besides the several various explanations offered by science?

"Scientists cannot explain this at all."
Scientists have been explaining it quite well for over 200 years.

It just gets too stupid to respond to

4/29/2010 5:16:28 PM


I really believe that some people are this fucking stupid. I've met some that would leave your jaw on the floor.

4/29/2010 5:25:01 PM


"Gravity, you fucking retard! Gravity! Have you ever heard of fucking gravity? Gravity! Gravity!" - Desertphile

4/29/2010 6:45:49 PM


{img}url{/img} only change { to [
Here you go - the super facepalm

4/29/2010 8:54:37 PM


ok, if your stupid enough to not only not look this up but actually need to in the first place then I can't condone even your very existence. Really, it's far better for everyone on the planet you remove yourself from the gene pool immediately.

Please apply for your Darwin award at your nearest firearm retailer.

4/29/2010 9:29:19 PM


Planets revolve around the sun because the King of all Cosmos put them there, and now he's whirling his finger around so they keep moving.

4/29/2010 11:33:00 PM

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