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I don't disagree with the Bible when it talks about slavery. I agree with EVERYTHING that has ever been said in the Bible about slaves... I don't find slavery immoral. The bible doesn't say that it is immoral. There was a certain way slaves were to be treated...It's not my fault some people went and MADE immoral decisions with their slaves...I certainly wouldn't have if I had owned them...How about my maid? Is she not technically a slave? I treat her with respect and she does the same things slaves would have done for me...Am I immoral for owning her for a few hours out of the day?... [Replying to 'If the 13th Amendment (which ended slavery) were to be overturned tomorrow, then would Christians be able to own slaves and still be considered moral?']If people wanted to own slaves, then yes. It would no longer be illegal and there would be no law against it. It would certainly make for an interesting debate though considering our country values freedom of ALL people above anything else. [Replying to 'When slavery was legal in this country, and slaves escaped, were they disobeying God?'] Depends on whether they were Christians or not. Now it seems that many of them weren't able to read anyway so how could they have read the Bible to understand that? If they knew the Bible then yes, they would have been disobeying God...

Ruhe, The Political Forum 12 Comments [5/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Ah, what a wonderful example of a loving God...no, wait -- it's just another sick racist.

And NO, your maid is not a slave, because she is not your property -- you are employing her.

11/4/2005 11:58:49 AM

Darth Wang

Blind faith is just sickening sometimes.

11/4/2005 9:32:24 PM


If you don't see people as your equals as Jesus said, it's immoral. End of the tape.

8/14/2006 10:59:13 AM


I'm pretty sure Paul, in the NT, recommends slaves seeking their freedom if they have the means to do so. Is Paul encouraging disobedience?

4/17/2007 4:29:45 AM


By this attitude I'm pretty sure s/he doesn't treat their maid with any respect whatsoever.

4/17/2007 10:58:13 AM


So, in order to make sure people don't sin, you don't tell them about god.

Win. win.

4/17/2007 1:57:13 PM


A maid is absolutely nothing like a slave. Not only do you pay them, but they can QUIT. You know... Because you don't OWN them, you racist cretin.

4/17/2007 2:16:25 PM


You! Against the wall now!

4/17/2007 2:30:04 PM


Why don't you explain this theory to your maid, and see how that goes?

4/17/2007 2:58:25 PM

You don't own your maid. You are hiring her. Believe me, there is a difference. I hope she quits, you racist moron.

3/7/2008 2:36:51 AM


if a person wanted to own slaves? what if i want to own you and can convince your father who art not in heaven to sell you to me? i could then give you a spouse and you could make children, then i could sell your spouse and children. marriage may be sacred, matrimony holy, but slavery takes precedence.

any slavery honoring fundies volunteering for the job i mean brand?

3/7/2008 5:34:12 AM


I hope the person that wrote this comes here so this christian can understand that, according to the bible that only jews can own slaves.

And you can sell your daughter to me.

It says so in the bible!

3/7/2008 6:37:21 AM

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