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There is no such thing as 'aliens'. If anything they are demons trying to deceive us under satans direction as in the days of Noah. I have a feeling this is just the beginning there will be lots more 'sightings' to come...

4TheLight, Rapture Ready 10 Comments [5/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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I have to ask... does the Bible even talk about aliens once? Or, could it just be one of those subjects that was glossed over/skipped because it wasn't relevant at the time Scripture was written (like, for example, contraception or computer technology)?

1/31/2007 12:55:36 AM


If there are aliens Earth is quarantined as a looney bin.

1/31/2007 1:23:08 AM


Aaaaahhhhhh . . . . . there it is!

I was wondering when I would see the \"aliens are demons\" comment here.

I can die happy now.

For the record - you're a moron.

2/1/2007 6:29:45 AM


Since it would automatically DESTROY religion, I wish aliens woud land already. (And no, I don't think UFO's are aliens, but secret government vehicles, etc. but I do believe there is other life in the Universe...)

2/2/2007 2:04:59 AM


I'm pretty sceptical about claims that aliens are visiting Earth, but it's a fuckton more likely than demons. After all, mathematics suggests there are aliens out there somewhere. It's not completely irrational to believe in aliens. Demons... meh, less plausable, unless they're something like alien mistaken for demons by people who couldn't/can't comprehend interplanetary travel.

2/2/2007 2:23:43 AM


The only problem is that if aliens exist and ever do land, the fundies will react as though they're demons. Then it's just a repeat of every bad sci-fi movie ever made.

2/2/2007 3:53:14 AM


But if some idiot sees jeebus, or the virgin Mary, you believe them. Dork.

2/2/2007 4:35:00 AM


Lol, it wouldnt matter if aliens walked up to a fundie's front door and introduced themselves as space travellers from the planet Kalgoria. They would still think they were evil demons.

Dumbass fundies.

12/7/2010 5:04:38 PM


There's more evidence for aliens from other planets visiting earth than there is for your fucked up idea of religion. So I think the Bible and Christianity is a ruse by the aliens to convert all people to idiocy in order to have an easier time taking over. HA!

12/7/2010 7:11:36 PM


" just the beginning "

Alien sightings have been reported since the fifties and it's actually been recorded that many supernatural claims before the fifties mimic alien sightings.

Von Danikein didn't convince me of alien visitations but his theory has more physical backup history then Christianity

12/8/2010 9:21:08 AM

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