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There is no tree, there is no cup, you don't bend the spoon-you bend your mind, and sure GOD can create a rock even GOD can't lift and GOD can also lift that same rock. Nothing is impossible. All things are possible with GOD.

Theresa B, Someplace Somewhere 24 Comments [5/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Stay with me.

Logically impossible means that the two situations CANNOT exist simultaneously: if He can create a rock that He cannot lift, but also be able to lift it, then he did not create a rock that He cannot lift.

It's not really all that difficult.

7/29/2007 2:42:00 PM


Logic is not really your thing is it?

7/29/2007 2:53:43 PM

Lamb of the Invisble pink unicorn

Logic motherfucker, do you have it?

7/29/2007 3:50:27 PM


Anyone think that last part sounds like an advert for some cheap sporting clothes...

7/29/2007 4:08:50 PM


Sounds like the philosophical classic "all we know is that we know nothing".

7/29/2007 4:21:02 PM

Sideshow Bob

Neo's changed his gender and taken up internet preaching. :D

7/29/2007 4:23:22 PM


can he drive out people with iron chariots?

7/31/2007 12:50:21 PM


i may get flamed for this, but i can't disapprove of Theresa's logic

it's like a Schrodinger's Cat thing -- God both can and cannot lift the rock

sure, it's a "logical impossibility" (or at least counter-intuitive), but so is an infinite/omnipotent/omniscient God

at least the "yes AND no" answer is consistent (just not self-consistent, heh)

7/31/2007 2:25:19 PM


Quantum mechanics sorta doesn't have the God factor.

If God, then no QM.


7/31/2007 2:27:11 PM


I... I need to lie down. My brain hurts.

7/31/2007 5:42:58 PM


Logic. Logic Logic Logic.


8/1/2007 7:38:17 AM


Well... it's a fair enough response to those who say god is not omnipotent if he can't perform a paradoxical feat. The only solution is to say that God is beyond logic.

8/3/2007 12:03:21 PM


So gods are outside of logic. What else is new?

8/3/2007 2:30:28 PM

Tormentor of Religion

Been said before, on this very comment section, in other words, but, here goes...
Now please go fuck yourself with a red-hot iron, that way you will never have kids to carry on your stupidity.

3/29/2009 9:22:25 AM


Um... wha...?

3/29/2009 9:34:38 AM


What's this? A rock that God can and cannot lift? This is the most insane thing I have read a fundamentalist say yet.

Key word: Yet.

3/29/2009 9:51:24 AM


If god is outside logic then he should have no bearing on our day to day lives, because how can we rely on something that must be random, as it's outside of the bounds of logic.

1/6/2010 7:05:37 PM


So, for your next step in illogic, you will try to divide yourself by Zero?

1/6/2010 7:12:40 PM

Hell orBust

morpheus was my favorite character from the matrix too, but i dont think being incredibly badass makes you god.... or maybe it does, gods actions scream of despotism.

2/10/2012 9:56:05 AM


Do you have any idea how fucking stupid that is?

No, clearly not.

2/10/2012 9:58:23 AM



You has it!

4/16/2012 1:47:57 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"All things are possible ... "

Mere existence would be nice for starters, moron.

5/29/2014 10:21:14 AM

"All things are possible with GOD."

Except lifting that rock he can't lift...

5/29/2014 10:33:00 AM

No trees?

5/29/2014 10:40:38 AM

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