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The Americans also defeated the greatest army in the world at that time, the British army, with a bunch of rag-tag volunteer soldiers with no shoes, few weapons and out numbered. How could that possiblyhappen??? The greatest army in the world! God interviened. Got any other explanations? He wanted the United States to exist and that is why we have God mentioned in our Declaration of Independence, God in our constitution, God mentioned before our Supreme Court presides, God on our money, prayer to him before each day that our congress conviens and the President lays his hand on the Bible and swears to God when he is sworn into the office. We have some weird human creatures slithering around but as a whole, but the people of the United States believe in the God of the Bible. Sorry, you seem to me in the minority. Oh, one more thing, 99.99% of Americans eat meat because God says it is OK to do so.

Beefsteak Bob, AnimalSuffering.com Board 29 Comments [6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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TB Tabby

Guerrilla tactics, the support of the French government, and a few lucky breaks that don't requite any supernatural explanation.

12/12/2010 10:48:53 AM


Didn't you have help from Native Americans? And the French, who later fought on the side of the Confederacy? That war was won by the Northern states, right? If the French was God, then what happened there? God decided he didn't want to side with the future Bible Beltians?

You only have .01 percent vegetarians and vegans? And non-Christian/Jewish/Muslims? (We all know that God/YHWH/Allah is practically the same deity.)
Strange, in my family there are about 30 percent light-vegetarians (they eat fish and shellfish, but not meat, due to the treatment of the animals brought up to be slaughtered).
I'm the atheist and I eat meat. I could do without it, probably, but I kinda like the taste of pork meat. That's the one God didn't like so much in the Old Testament, right?

12/12/2010 2:17:10 PM


Not to mention home-field which in war is the ultimate high ground. While some battles involved a more organized large batallion vs. a village of farmers, most times the British were outnumbered.

The British had overextended their ability to rule at this time on top of that, and they were in fact, hoping to increase Army and Navy from the colonies.

You tried to take Canada and your superior numbers failed thanks to our home ground advantage (and standing British/new Canadian/ first nation resistance) Where was your God then?

Think of colonial America as the British Vietnam.

12/13/2010 9:11:33 AM


The French intervened. All glory to the French!

10/3/2011 6:42:18 PM

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