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If we had segregated classrooms It would be better for both races. The whites would be able to learn more due to the fact that the teacher could teach on a more advanced level that the whites were able to learn and there wouldn't be a bunch of distracting savages bouncing off the walls. When teaching negros the teacher could adjust the lesson to where they could comprehend it better and get down on there level and gear the lesson toward their level of understanding.

Teaching negros:
Tyrone had 5 dollars, he bought 2 cheap fourty ounce malt liqours for 1.59 each. On the way back from the liqour store he bummed 2 dollars in change from whites that felt guilty because of slavery. How much money did Tyrone have when he got back to the projects?

Junior has 1,000 dollars he earned from selling drugs and pimping out ho's. His government check also came in today for $850.00. Junior wants to buy four spinner wheels for his 84' Chevy Caprice Classic that cost 402.00 each and a set of curb feelers that cost 24.00. How much money will Junior have left to buy a crack rock to get high with Shamika tonight?

southernwhiteknight, Stormfront 36 Comments [6/20/2010 7:19:33 PM]
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Hello. My name's Kitty, Kitty Lovett, and I'm a proud black woman with an IQ of 180. I taught myself to read at age three, and although the colour of my skin is white, my black heritage is rich and beautiful.

6/20/2010 7:17:42 AM


People don't work that way.

6/20/2010 10:03:21 PM

Yama the Space Fish

What do they teach the potential southern white knights; if April Gaede gassed 30 Jews on Saturday and 21 Jews on Sunday, how many did she gas for the weekend?

6/21/2010 8:52:07 AM


Stormfront is too easy.

6/21/2010 8:53:50 AM

1. $5.82

2. $218.00

6/21/2010 9:24:15 AM

Yama the Space Fish

Burning Question: has anyone actually met someone named Tyrone or Shaniqua?

6/21/2010 9:56:23 AM


As classy as usual!

6/21/2010 10:23:14 AM

The Skeptic Wept

@ Yama the Space Fish

"Burning Question: has anyone actually met someone named Tyrone or Shaniqua?"

Yes, why do you ask?

Oh, and southernwhiteknight, that's "forty", not "fourty". Your homeskooling parents must have covered spelling while you were in the bathroom taking a dump.

6/21/2010 10:36:27 AM

There are already advanced classes in schools so students who want to challenge themselves can learn at a faster pace and a more in-depth level...it's just that there are smart black kids as well as smart white kids.
You, by the way, would not find yourself in one of these classes.

6/21/2010 11:23:11 AM

Power Skunk

Dude, don't encourage these fucktards by dignifying their bullshit with proper math and correct answers.
Anyway, those answers are wrong.
The correct answer to these questions is
The correct answers to any questions that racist slime might ask you.

6/21/2010 12:21:39 PM

Rumpshaker Slim

Q: southernwhiteknight wants to buy a ratty NASCAR shirt at goodwill for 1.28. How many empty Bud Light bottles will he need to dig out of the dumpster in front of his trailer park and return for 5 cents apiece to afford it?

A: None, he'll just steal it. Both recycling and giving money to charity are for fags.

6/21/2010 12:46:42 PM


LOL, these stereotypes are SO mid 90's. Try again.

6/21/2010 1:46:33 PM

Yama the Space Fish

They strike me as stereotypical black names that only exist in the minds of people with dodgy at best beliefs.

6/21/2010 3:15:17 PM


"The whites would be able to learn more due to the fact that the teacher could teach on a more advanced level that the whites were able to learn and there wouldn't be a bunch of distracting savages bouncing off the walls."

Are you really sure about that? I mean about the whole "whites would be able to learn more due to the fact that the teacher could teach on a more advanced level", because you white supremacists don't seem to put a really big emphasis on education. Hell, I don't think you even have a good grasp of it in the first place.

Besides, like it or not, the reality is that blacks and other minorities are fully capable of making intellegent thought and ideas. You just want things to go back the way things were when you didn't have to work hard to have a good standing in society and blacks and other minorities were as you may say "put in their place".

6/21/2010 4:17:12 PM


When no one was looking, southernwhiteknight got drunk on two forty ounce bottles of malt liquor. That's as many as eight tens. And that's terrible.

6/21/2010 4:42:45 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

I've taught plenty of low achieving white kids son, I'd wager you were one when you were in school.

6/21/2010 5:37:07 PM

Since our current system produced Condie, Obama, Keith Ellison and my philosophy teacher in Missisippi, let's leave the system as it is.

6/22/2010 8:57:43 AM


Separate but unequal? That has a familiar ring to it...


6/22/2010 12:32:58 PM


Let's see now.... um...

5.... less 1.59 twice... 1000.... 402 times four....

And the answer is: you're a fucking asshole.

6/22/2010 2:21:47 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

@Rumpshaker Slim

Um, don't you mean godless, liberal fags?

6/22/2010 3:05:07 PM


Die in a fire.
Also, "ho's" means "pertaining to a ho".
What, is proper punctuation for darkie's?

6/22/2010 3:53:40 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

Although I love the jokes, I hate the atitude of the one telling them

6/22/2010 4:38:52 PM

Seriously, there is a somewhat dark-skinned fellow in the White House and you're ranting about math?! Because you failed to rant on the only thing that should be important to you racist pricks for the next several years, I'm inclined to believe you wouldn't be able to answer those questions yourself.

6/22/2010 9:45:46 PM


Let's hear what advanced education you're capable of southernwhiteknight.

6/23/2010 10:25:19 AM

So, the fact that blacks invented smelting and modern medicine, and the center of knowledge for hundreds of years was in Africa has no effect. It definitely means they're not as smart as whites.

6/23/2010 2:43:49 PM

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