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Morally speaking, he [an atheist friend] was one of the most naturally perfect people i had ever known. He didn't suffer from temptations, bitterness, hatred for people, lust or any of the struggles that believers struggle with.... You see, Satan will only cause temptations and spiritual attacks on those who are in the battle seeking the truth and attempting to live according to God's will. he (satan) allready has the atheist so he will let him slide through life with the least amount of friction or hardships, untill he snatches him away at the end that is.

Ali M., Rapture Ready 17 Comments [6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 8

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The Jamo

Yeah. There really is no simpler explanation, is there?

1/26/2007 4:13:41 AM


Wow. Even when an atheist proves to be morally superior to a fundie, it proves that Christians are better.

9/30/2007 8:24:53 AM


Well it's obvious what's happened here. Bart simpson has somehow managed to sneak his bedroom into my house.

9/30/2007 9:13:26 AM


*Cant stop laughing at Frank*
That was fairly awesome.

But this Satan guy thinks really efficiently.

Maybe he works in Corporate Management.

9/30/2007 10:10:26 AM


You came so close to being right and cool, then you invoked Satan and now you're a Fundie again.

Also: Your Occam's Razor is funny.

10/8/2007 1:24:15 PM


Occam's Razor disagrees.

10/8/2007 1:48:08 PM

Caustic Gnostic

I think the "atheist" label is inaccurate for the guy. Sounds like Christ incarnate to me. Or at least, someone that Christ could work with.

10/8/2007 2:05:04 PM

Wow, sounds like being an atheist makes your life much nicer.

Keep up the witnessing, dude! LOL

10/8/2007 2:10:03 PM

A Friend

That is why the big red guy that only I see is always setting up booby traps for me. Srsly!

GTG, need to masturbate to the 4 step proof again.

10/8/2007 3:00:04 PM



4/18/2008 12:32:15 PM

Sideshow Bob

Boy am I glad to have left this -particular- aspect of my old beliefs behind.

4/18/2008 12:35:59 PM

Maybe he is just a better Christian than you even though he doesn't read the Bible or believe in God.

6/12/2008 4:50:30 PM


Because all that matters is obeying the big sky daddy, right? Being a good person really isn't important.

2/21/2013 6:50:34 PM


Because all that matters is obeying the big sky daddy, right? Being a good person really isn't important.

2/21/2013 6:51:18 PM


I have my doubts that any atheist would be friends with this sort of toxic fundie, but let's pretend I believe you, Ali...

...you're not really making the case for your religion, are you? By your own account, we will recognize true believers because they're bitter, hateful assholes.

2/21/2013 8:45:00 PM

Professor von SCIENCE!

Oh I get it now, you're an asshole.

7/1/2013 9:27:41 AM

Crest of the Remorhaz

Alright, Ali, that's certainly a better way of explaining the "moral atheist" problem than just assuming that he's secretly a dog-filleting pedophile.


1/2/2014 6:27:10 AM

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