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Nope I personally believe aliens (as in what everyone confesses in seeing) are indeed demons. Perfect trickery to use to confuse and confound people. Lucifer was the angel of light before he fell. Aliens constantly have referenced to their spacecrafts as lights in the sky, or blinding lights, or so on and so on. Also the composite sketches of aliens can easily be be described as demonesque. Numerous cultish beliefs have arisen from the beliefs of aliens and also the worship of aliens. What perfect way to make people stray away from God. What perfect way to send a bunch a people in mass (that mass suicide cult) to hell. Seems like an awesome way of making people confused. Also if you want to know the Bible speaks that the spiritual realm is more real then the hand that is on your mouse. The spiritual realm can easily affect this physical realm. So demons would be able to create images of stars in the sky(remember the Bible symbolically refers to the fall of Lucifer and his demons as falling stars) that move, lights moving in the sky. Demons are not limited to running around playing upon our minds. Oh no. They are big time in the deception business. So to me it is not a joke.

CTDeLude, CHUD.com Message Boards 5 Comments [6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Big Brother

It makes sense to me. Since God(s) created the Earth, that means that they can't be from there. Ergo, they are aliens.

12/30/2006 1:03:34 PM


Okay, now take the nice little anti-psychosis pill and slip into this comfy little jacket here!

5/19/2010 10:50:16 AM

mad as a box of badgers!

5/20/2010 11:48:26 AM

If this is such a great idea for demons, why haven't they just 'landed' in the open and said "HEY WE'RE ALIENS". It seems so incredibly easy, so why don't they do that instead of being vague little lights in the night sky? In fact, one might say that it's such an ~obvious~ tactic, that the very lack of alien visitors proves beyond a doubt that demons do not exist.

8/26/2012 3:29:30 PM


Poe, from the user name.

4/25/2017 9:45:32 PM

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