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Many of this can sound far fetched to our society but that is because we have been built up to deny the supernatural. Its a hoax or an elaborate trick we say. And that is why demonic activity is so much more below the radar in developed countries. Go on a mission trip to some third world country and prepare to get an education about how obvious the works of demons are in countries that are open to superstition and such much more then we.

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No. No, no, no. No.
Do you know WHY would they try to "educate" you? Because they themselves are not properly educated. We are educated and so we know today that many "works of the devil/demons" are actually illnesses, natural phenomena, really weird animals/plants or just a hoax.
Perfect example of that would be epilepsy. People first believed that the person suffering from epilepsy is actually possessed, a belief that's certainly still widespread in third world countries. Because we got educated and did a bit of research, we learned that it's actually a sickness, not a possession.
Someone once said something along the lines of "Presence of a religion in a given group falls proportionally as that group's education rises." I'm sure that applies to paranormal explanations as well.

6/8/2013 8:12:11 AM

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