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And indeed aliens may very well be the delusions of drunkards and drugs. But that brings up another things. There is a reason why alcoholic drinks are also called spirits and the reason why no one should get high. The delusions you see when high or tripping out are in fact demons being allowed to play on your mind to a higher degree. And yes that is demons fooling around with your chemical imbalances. Heh. Just realized I opened another can of worms. wink

CTDeLude, CHUD.com Message Boards 2 Comments [6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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So we can see these entities you babble on about if we get mashed enough?

Fetch me a case of beer, an ounce of weed and some pills! I'm on a religious journey!

3/18/2008 6:29:00 AM


Alcoholic beverages are called spirits because primitive distillers believed that they were extracting the essence, or spirit, of the grain. It has nothing to do with demonic possession. Try again.

8/14/2008 1:51:04 AM

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