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Another horror of this is that niggers do not own dogs to have a loving companion. Niggers own dogs for their functionality or for blood lust. Niggers LOVE the dog fight because it gives them a thrill to see an animal tearing another animal apart. Niggers love the ferocity, the kill. Whites generally have abandoned this as disgusting, as they have had dogs as helpers in life for about 50,000 years. We have a bond with dogs going back through history and an understanding of their character. To niggers, a dog is like a goldfish or a cow.

Animal abuse and muh diking is all niggers will ever do to animals.*

*On a side note,, a new strain of AIDS has "emerged" that kills faster and is going through Africa like shit through a goose. It was passed to the nigger population through, what the Lancet delicately calls "Human and Chimpanzee intimate contact". Nigger sows be getting muh dik'ed by Chimps. YECH! I will post article as separate thread.

Daisho, Niggermania 14 Comments [6/28/2010 1:34:55 PM]
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6/28/2010 1:50:58 PM

Dire Sloth

...There is such a thing as underground goldfish fighting? o_O

6/28/2010 2:12:11 PM


Hate to burst your bubble, but here in England at least, most illegal dogfighting tends to be found among the white working classes.

Now shut your fucking rancid mouth until you actually know what you're talking about.

6/28/2010 2:32:01 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Pictured, Michelle with Bo.

Uh...yeah, sure that's one ferocious looking beast that "Bo" there. I'm quaking in my boots, really!

6/28/2010 3:15:44 PM

To note, HIV most likely crossed from chimps to humans via natives who couldn't have known to properly cook meat before eating it. The 'intimate contact' thing is a very old lie.

6/28/2010 3:25:49 PM

Because no white person has ever bought a dog with the intent to make it fight other dogs or specifically to attack people.

6/28/2010 7:31:32 PM


Well, no TRUE white person.

6/28/2010 11:28:57 PM


On a side note,, a new strain of AIDS has "emerged" that kills faster

Citation needed, fuckwit.

6/29/2010 1:48:58 AM

Dog fighting exists in the very white Europe, Spain, Greece or France, to cite a few. And guess what?, African people have "intimate contact" because THEY HAPPEN TO LIVE IN THE SAME REGION.FAIL.

6/29/2010 3:50:48 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

What the fuck is "muh diking"?

6/29/2010 5:23:19 AM


That's pretty funny. I like dogs. In fact we have two frou-frou dogs. A pomeranian and a tea cup poodle. I prefer cats. Dogs are such suck ups. We also have six cats.

I'm also reminded of a story a white co-worker told me. He worked on a fishing boat when he was younger, and one of his co-workers who happened to be white screwed a fish. Not to mention all of the farm "romance" stories. Are you familiar with the term "stump broken"?

6/29/2010 9:49:12 AM


@Hank: one of our favorite FSTDT lolcows, Neal Horsley, spoke at some length in an interview with Colmes about fucking the mules when he was a kid on a farm in Georgia (cuz they're warm, wet and vibrating, and boys will be boys, dontcha know). You know, before he became a born-again and graduated from mulefucking to calling for armed revolt, secession, and the deaths of blasphemers and doctors who perform abortions. Oh, he's a hoot.

6/30/2010 10:48:50 PM

@Percy I believe it refers to sex

4/5/2011 11:16:45 PM


AIDS probably spread from monkeys or apes to humans through butchering them. In African markets they sell what's referred to as bushmeat. Basically, anything humans can catch in the forest that is edible, including primates. It's not too much of a stretch to imagine someone cutting themselves while butchering a monkey when the knife slipped.


10/26/2012 1:08:07 AM

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