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Walt [Disney] grew up fascinated with the occult and in an abusive home situation. He was fascinated with cartoons, nature and children. He had an intuitive sense for quality cartoons that would appeal to children. At some point, the syndicate got him indebted to them. At that point he was their man. He owed them a debt that they held over him. In secret, Walt became a porn king. A victim remembers that he was sadistic and enjoyed snuff porn films. His interest in children was far from altruistic. The Hapsburgs of the 13th Illuminati bloodline had a sex salon in Vienna, where a porn photographer named Felix Salten worked. Felix Salten wrote a book Bambi, which was then translated into English by the infamous communist Whittaker Chambers. The elite were just beginning to form the roots for today’s environmental movement.


Disney has the appearance of Wholesomeness; this appearance is quite deceptive. A close study of Disney cartoons will reveal lots of violence that could not be depicted if the violence was actually real life & not animation. It’s the wholesome front which is one of the deceptions that makes Disney cartoons & films so dangerous. Yes, the image of Disney has been that its cartoons are wholesome. No wonder Illuminati mind-control programmers have laughed at how naive the American public is toward Disney. The Disney Gargoyles cartoons are a television series that is pure demonology. The story line is that a race of demons protects New York City. One of the Gargoyles is even named Demona. The Illuminati programmers are amazed at how stupid the masses of people are, and how easily deceived.

Fritz Springmeier, The Watcher Files 37 Comments [7/1/2010 3:08:36 AM]
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Dude, you tripping balls.

7/1/2010 4:44:49 AM

Horus IX

And yet for some reason I am able to discern reality from fantasy.

I hate Disney anyways...mainly because of that wholesome image. But I did like the Gargoyles series.

7/1/2010 4:49:05 AM

Let's not tell him about Fred Quimby, eh?

7/1/2010 4:57:41 AM


"One of the Gargoyles is even named Demona."

Newsflash, Sparky: Demona was one of the villains.

7/1/2010 5:14:57 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

7/1/2010 5:36:02 AM

Professor Cold Heart

"Newsflash, Sparky: Demona was one of the villains."

As were the Illuminati, funnily enough.

7/1/2010 5:43:43 AM

Traditional tales are full of violence of which dear Walt has nothing to be account of. That explains it all.

7/1/2010 5:59:15 AM

Zeus Almighty

You think that bullshit is frightening?
What about Bugs Bunny dressing up in drag multiple times?
Obviously the goal in those cartoons is pushing the homosexual agenda and turning all children gay.

7/1/2010 9:58:28 AM

Mr Blur

"The Illuminati programmers are amazed at how stupid the masses of people are..."

Well, in your case, they're right.

7/1/2010 10:16:33 AM

Sorry, there's no evidence that he was a sadist who was into snuff porn. However, there is evidence that he was a bit of a racist.

As for me, I grew up on Disney. I can tell the difference between fantasy and reality just fine (eg- I know that I'm gonna have to work for my "happy ending," unlike the many Disney princesses who just mooned around the place and had their "true love" fall into their laps).

7/1/2010 11:14:16 AM

Doubting Thomas

There's no such thing as porn snuff films. Everyone claims they exist, but nobody's ever actually seen one.

And if you think Disney cartoons are violent, then I guess you've never watched Bugs Bunny, Coyote vs. Road Runner, or Tom & Jerry cartoons.

For example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u14T5wzicqw

7/1/2010 11:56:32 AM


The only accurate statement here is that the author of Bambi also wrote (anonymously) a pornographic *novel* featuring a lot of prepubescent children fucking each other and adults. There is no evidence that he was involved in any actual child porn or child prostitution.

7/1/2010 2:09:38 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

Personally, I couldn't give two shits about Disney per se.

However, I would love to curve my choad into Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato.


7/1/2010 2:10:31 PM


In the last few decades, when Disney gets a hold of a story they change it until it is crap, however, just because some photographer had a work called "Bambi," that doesn't mean Walt was "a porn king." Jeez, wipe the foam from your mouth, sit down and take a few deep breaths, Fritz.

7/1/2010 4:34:04 PM

If the Disney stories as they are, after being watered down from their original fairy-tail versions to the extreme, are evil, then apparently I've been confused on exactly what evil is.

7/1/2010 8:01:50 PM


Ol' Fritz jacks off to Disney cartoons. Sad, really.

7/2/2010 1:51:46 AM

"The Disney Gargoyles cartoons are a television series that is pure demonology. The story line is that a race of demons protects New York City"

Really? Cos I would have guessed that it was about a race of GARGOYLES. That being the motherfucking title and all.

7/2/2010 2:40:28 AM



I'd just pay a nice lady to do that on the bad side of town...

I think somebody been reading A World Of Laughter, A World Of Fear...

7/2/2010 8:42:51 AM

Joe Mama

Just because there are a lot of strippers named Bambi doesn't mean that Disney is into creating porn.

7/2/2010 2:38:26 PM

So he liked to snuff people by hitting them with giant mallets?

7/2/2010 3:02:38 PM


"In secret, Walt became a porn king."

Ah, so that's why Mickey, Donald, etc. never wore any pants.

7/2/2010 3:29:03 PM


But yet, not a word about the interspecies flirtation taking place between Goliath and Elisa?

I'm disappinted, Fritz, I really am.

7/2/2010 5:03:52 PM


You must be on some good shit. Can I have some?

Also, @ Tolpuddle Martyr


7/2/2010 5:08:50 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

Wow man..WTF are you on?

7/2/2010 6:09:15 PM

kill the internet

well hot damn now i know watching disney caused me to be possessed by the dick demon

7/3/2010 12:11:50 PM

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