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If man did what God told him to do there would be NO AIDS, homosexuality, disease, etc. That's the point! But, like children, unbelievers don't want to take responsiblity for their actions. They blame God and everybody else, ANYONE but themselves. They ignore His warnings bout sex, disease, pride, and then wonder why God punishes us! Do you even think?

Carico, Christian Forums 13 Comments [6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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The Jamo

Do you even think?

I'm not the one going off on rants about gods and other mystical rubbish so in answer to your question: right back at ya!

1/26/2007 4:05:02 AM


But god has never told me to do anything. In fact, god hasn't talked to me at all. Does god tell you to do things? Or is it more something along the lines of \"people won't live the way I think they should live, and they should because I'm so much smarter than they are\"?

1/26/2007 4:16:16 AM


Disease has been with us since the beginning, dickhead.

Books other than the dribble are not only for burning, you know.

1/26/2007 4:18:17 AM

Langdon Alger

So Good Christians never come down with AIDS, disease, or 'gay'? Wow, what a deal!

1/26/2007 4:18:19 AM


Dude, 'unbelievers' are not emos.

6/2/2007 5:24:01 AM


So, women who get AIDS because their husbands are SoBs somehow deserved it?

Wow. How very loving your God is.

6/2/2007 5:50:54 AM


So wait. Aren't YOU blaming God for allowing AIDs and other diseases to happen? The rest of us accept that it is bad behavior that gives us (more or less) optional diseases such as AIDs, and that infections happen and we should take care not to stand near coughing people, etc.
I don't think us being unwhatever is giving us diseases, YOU are, so YOU are making the xcuse, non?

eh, 2.34 and i can't think..

6/2/2007 6:32:05 AM


so \"unbelievers\" are the poeple who blame god for stuff and wonder why he punishes us? I perfer to call them christians personally

6/2/2007 9:24:53 AM


jeez, calm down before you hurt yourself... then again that may not be such a bad thing after reading this.

6/2/2007 9:49:13 AM


caricO is a caricATURE

Her illogical ravings are the reason I stopped going to CARM, after a while she isn't even funny any more, just staggeringly pathetic.

6/2/2007 1:50:09 PM


Do you blame the tooth fairy for bad things happening?

See, it's a little difficult to blame something you don't believe exists.

6/2/2007 5:03:35 PM

Fuck you! I?m gay and I like it that way!

8/2/2008 10:45:21 PM

So, unbelievers are responsible for the apparition and spreading of a virus that causes diseases?. New to me, baby.

3/12/2010 2:04:26 AM

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