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Atheists are basically assumers, and have no clue. They are like mass produced robots. 'freethinkers' is their oxymoron name... Claiming that God doesn't exist, and providing no evidence for such a moronic claim is just laughable. Atheists are not freethinkers, or openminded, they lied through their teeth with that joke. They will reject God until death. They refuse to listen to evidence of what they don't like. Atheists hate 'religion', but, from an atheist veiwpoint, there is no reason to. Its all worthless, why even try to enjoy this life? Its all worthless anyway... All these things plus, the fallacys, logical inconsistencies, contradiction of reality, baseless assumtions, etc, of atheism just prove it to be the pile of crap that it is.

Featherbop, 123 Christian Forums 8 Comments [6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Hmm, I like the idea of 'freethinker' as an oxymoron. Thinking stops you from being free. It removes your freedom to believe bullshit like this.

Religion != God.
Religion != life.

Religion requires just a large leap of faith as atheism. You could replace the word 'atheist' with the word 'Believers' and it'd be just as true. you see:
0=0. Strange that. :)

5/8/2007 5:43:43 PM


No, your god can be disproven. Unless a perfect being can make mistakes...over and over again.

5/8/2007 8:13:48 PM


You say I can't enjoy life without religion, I say you can't possibly enjoy groveling before a god who will send most peole to hell when he's the one who damned us all in the first place. Meh: potayto-dumbass.

5/15/2007 12:02:58 PM


Ad hom, spiced with freudian projection.

3/19/2009 6:35:42 AM


And you fundies assume a 'God' exists, because a book says so. In that case, you can assume that if you walked into your wardrobe you'd enter another world where you'd meet a talking loin, because a book by CS Lewis says so. Of course that'd happen, right? Just as when you die, you'd go to heaven?

You know what they say about those who assume: they make an ASS out of U, not ME.

3/19/2009 8:15:17 AM

Point to a god. Can't do that? There's no god. Next question.

7/18/2011 5:17:59 PM


Why try to enjoy this life? Because it's the only one we have!

4/26/2017 7:59:31 PM

rubber chicken

"They refuse to listen to evidence of what they don't like."

Cue Inigo Montoya in 1...2...3...

4/26/2017 8:06:37 PM

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