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I agree with the prior posts. Niggers would actually be happier in Africa. They live in a state of total confusion among humans but in Africa they could kill/fuck/eat each other without the police showing up to spoil the fun.

Of course, it would be unfair to the many animals living in Africa now that are smarter than niggers - like zebras and rodents and fruit flies - to have boatloads of wild, stinking groids show up.

Left on their own in jungles the nigger beast would destroy itself in a generation.

I also think the stated nigger IQ average of 85 is inflated. I bet it is more like 70. Look at the picture (if you can stomach it) of that disgusting, fat, sub-human sow who be gradumacated and gets its diplolmah and sheet. That vile, foul monster creature is no more of a human than a banana tree. Its tiny brain is primed to squeeze out multiple worthless nigglets until its sub-monkey uterus
falls out.

Giving ANY academic recognition to that illiterate pavement ape is beyond belief. Even the highly intelligent niggers with IQs between 77 and 81 must realize what an embarrassment the clueless sow heaps on the nigger species.

The NY school system should immediately fire anyone associated with this.

Israeli Defense Force , Niggermania 35 Comments [7/15/2010 1:01:58 AM]
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There is literally no reason for me to not punch you to the face.

7/15/2010 1:57:54 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

"Pavement ape"? That's a new one...

7/15/2010 2:49:57 AM

D Laurier

Oh, the name says it all.

7/15/2010 3:37:39 AM

"Left on their own in jungles the nigger beast would destroy itself in a generation."

You realise that there are already black people living in Africa and have been for millenia? Certainly for longer than anyone has lived wherever your disgusting, bigoted ass calls home. You realise that Africa is not one big jungle? You realise they have police forces in Africa? You realise black people are the same species as white? You realise that using words like "diplolmah", "gradumacated", and "nigglets" in addition to your ignorance about basic biology and geography shows just who is the maleducated fucker in this scenario?

7/15/2010 4:14:19 AM


As an African, Fuck You.
As a member of the human race, DIAF.

And also WAHAHAHAHAH. The origin of man himself is likely to be Africa. We've been here for a thousand generations and will be here for a thousand generations more.

7/15/2010 4:22:50 AM

Say that out loud where people can see you doing it. Go on. I dare you.

(@ OP)

7/15/2010 5:08:54 AM


Firstly, an IQ of 70 or below is generally criteria for retardation. Maybe in your warped little mind the average black person is retarded, but to any sane observer this isn't the case. Secondly, if there's any truth to the 'Bell Curve' theory, it'll be due to unequal opportunities for education - in somewhere like the UK, where quality of life between blacks and whites are more comparable, so will average IQ scores.

And thirdly, pour a glass of sulfuric acid down your eosophagus. It'll do you some good.

7/15/2010 5:09:13 AM

Have you actually seen anyone with black skin in real life?

7/15/2010 7:53:54 AM


Inbefore Kingdom of Mali, which had more arabic blooded niggers than full blooded blue-gummed, thick-nosed, bootlipped niggers, Africa has been full of epic fail. Slavery? Niggers! Eating each other? Niggers! Human sacrifices in 1900's? Niggers!

Read "Negroes in Negroland" so that you can understand niggers.

7/15/2010 9:48:06 AM


You know, on this site I've seen fundies call for genocide, apartheid, and the assassination of government ministers, I've seen conspiracy theorists claim to reveal information that people in power will kill to keep secret, and yet it's only RSTDT that can make me feel like I'm going to end up on an FBI watchlist just for reading the crap these creatures spew.

7/15/2010 10:30:17 AM

I bet your IQ is 55, and that's being generous.

7/15/2010 11:36:22 AM

I wonder how these people would react if they knew that every human being alive is descended from Africans.

7/15/2010 11:38:21 AM

Agnostic Jew

@ #1180790:

An IQ of 55? Puh-lease! Most of the mentally retarded people I know are smarter than this "Israeli Defense Force" loser.

If black and white are different species, then how come I have a cousin who is both?

7/15/2010 1:31:44 PM


You Israeli? I'm Bathsheba, Queen of the May.

7/15/2010 2:53:18 PM

Kat S.

Like the other posts before me state, there have been blacks existing in Africa thousands of years before whites came around, and none have completely destroyed themselves.

You basing an average IQ for black people based off this article and some line graph of unknown date and origin another poster on the forum showed on IQ and race is still wrong, and you know it.

By the way, what's with the name Israeli Defense Force? I thought white supremacists hate anything that has to do with Jews or Israel.

7/15/2010 4:43:11 PM


Niggers whose cocks I love shoved up my ass. WIN!

7/15/2010 5:49:42 PM

If I knew where you lived, I'd kill your sleazy racist ass in a hot second. And I'm a nonviolent human being most of the time. And I'm only 15. You make nonviolent 15-year-olds want to kill you. Do the world a favor and down a gallon of sulphuric acid, you insensitive meathead.

7/15/2010 6:06:55 PM


By the way, what's with the name Israeli Defense Force? I thought white supremacists hate anything that has to do with Jews or Israel.

This site isn't about white supremacy, just bashing black people. So you could say it's a black inferioritist site. Or something.

As to black IQ scores, well...
The Bell Curve blames the babies DNA, but test scores are how much the parents make.

7/15/2010 6:31:54 PM


Translation: "I have a tiny little dick that got stuck in the cap of a ball point pen, it hurts, and I'm mad."

7/15/2010 7:29:03 PM

"As to black IQ scores, well...
The Bell Curve blames the babies DNA, but test scores are how much the parents make. "

The parental SES does have an influence, but the race gap remains consistent even when socioeconomic factors are taken into account.

7/15/2010 7:59:57 PM

Bloody hell. Even apartheid era South Africa was almost a haven of tolerance and love compared to this vile outpouring of rubbish.

Sub monkey uterus? Pavement ape? Banana tree? It's not the sign of a superior intellect if you believe that pouring one insult onto another onto another onto another ad infinitum strengthens an argument. It just makes you look like an idiot, as well as making you look like you have no fucking idea what you are ranting about.

And what the fuck does "gradumacated" mean?

7/15/2010 10:54:06 PM


I don't think you know anything about black people. I've only met a few black people (there aren't very many around here), but even I know that you are full of fucking shit.

7/16/2010 12:48:19 AM


As if your choice of username wasn't enough to make me dislike you. You're probably not a real IDF member or veteran, just a white boy who wants to shoot Arabs but won't join the U.S. military to do it because of Obama.

So tell me, what's your motive for supporting Israel? Getting raptured? Looking like you don't hate EVERYONE who's non-white or non-Christian? "They kill sand niggers so I like them"? Unless you're Jewish, it's one of the three, and I never thought "getting raptured" would be the preferable one.

7/16/2010 8:25:44 AM

Yama the Space Fish

A book with that title could only be useful for starting a fire in Jerusalem or wherever this asshole lives.

7/16/2010 9:39:57 AM


And yet our president is a black college grad probably with an IQ higher than yours. Find yourself a pocket pussy and STFU.

7/16/2010 9:12:45 PM

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