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[Regarding a federal judge finding the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional:]

What a shocker!! A Massachusetts based federal judge extends a state made up right to be a federal made up right. If you go judge shopping this is what happens. Still doesn't make a same-sex marriate a real marriage. You can call a pig a duck, but it can't quack.

ModerateDem, The Boston Globe 23 Comments [7/18/2010 6:41:12 AM]
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This is the lamest argument ever.

7/18/2010 6:45:34 AM

Huckster Sam

You really didn't read your own statement, did you? Federal judges have a tendency to make federal rulings.

7/18/2010 6:47:21 AM


Ummmm.... the man's a "Federal Judge", not a Massachusetts judge: his circuit includes Massachusetts.

Also, the core of his ruling was that marraige is a state right, NOT a federal right.

7/18/2010 7:08:35 AM

Shanya Almafeta

From the username, I'm calling poe.

7/18/2010 7:44:15 AM

Thinking Allowed

I went judge shopping the other day and found a two-for-one sale. At that price, I was able to buy christmas presents for everyone this year

7/18/2010 8:01:14 AM


How many time do we have to tell you fuckers that marriage is NOT an exclusively Christian establishment. There's been marriages since YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAARS before Jesus would of even been born.

7/18/2010 8:09:23 AM


What a shocker!! A Massachusetts based federal judge extends a state made up right to be a federal made up right.

Yeah, it's absolutely jaw-dropping that a FEDERAL judge rules on a federal law. Next thing you know they'll have criminal attorneys take criminal cases and have traffic court handle traffic violations. What's the world coming to?

If you go judge shopping this is what happens

I had no idea you could buy judges. Then again, maybe that's how celebrities get off with such light sentences.

Still doesn't make a same-sex marriate a real marriage

Actually, since marriage is a legal contract, it really does.

You can call a pig a duck, but it can't quack

Except that pigs and ducks are not legal definitions, they're different species. The difference is that laws can change but an animal cannot transform into a different species.

7/18/2010 8:20:25 AM


Judge shopping? I didn't know they were for sale.


Does this mean I could have bought a different Judge when I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2? Preferably one that didn't make it against the law to have something stolen from me?
...Off topic!

7/18/2010 8:22:19 AM

Rumpshaker Slim

If it's a legal marriage, it's a real marriage. Several friends of mine have gotten married at the courthouse because, get this, they're not religious.

7/18/2010 8:59:46 AM


Am I the only one who thought "Pig! Eagle! Pig!" when I saw the calling a pig a duck part? >.>

7/18/2010 9:10:12 AM

I read about the afterlife

ModerateDem my fucking ass.

7/18/2010 10:09:07 AM


Ït is better to keep ones mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.

Y'know, if you read the decision, maybe you wouldn't say such silly things. http://metroweekly.com/poliglot/2010/07/08/2010-07-08-gill-district-court-decision.pdf
Note the central issue is that Marriage is a matter for States, not your Federal Government.

In other words- what aaa said.

7/18/2010 11:13:40 AM

Allegory for Jesus

But aren't all rights "made up"? Think about it. Did I just blow your mind ?

And how is same-sex marriage not a "real" marriage if they are made legally equivalent? It might not be considered valid according to certain religions, but if it is allowed legally, it is legally a real marriage and the religious perspective on the matter may disagree but only has weight within their retarded segment of the public sphere.

7/18/2010 11:34:12 AM


As with DADT, I always considered DOMA unconstitutional. I'm glad that a federal judge - whose familiarity and understanding of Constitutional Law far exceeds mine - agrees with me.

7/18/2010 12:04:50 PM


Poe or a retard with no argument.

7/18/2010 12:25:51 PM

Old Viking

If you're going to buy a judge, now's the time. Because of the damned recession the Mafia had to lay off a dozen of 'em in New Jersey.

7/18/2010 12:42:05 PM


What's a "marriate"?

BTW: If you put lipstick on the pig you can call it you VP choice.

7/19/2010 2:34:05 AM


If a legal union of two people falls under every definition of the term 'marriage', it still isn't a Real Marriageā„¢ because ModerateDem says so.

Got it

7/19/2010 3:28:23 AM

Mister Spak

All this started when judicial activists allowed niggers to marry decent white people.

7/19/2010 5:10:02 AM

Yama the Space Fish

How far to the right we have moved for this guy to be able to call himself moderate.

7/19/2010 10:05:29 AM


Are you the guy who wrote all of Sarah Palin's talking points?

7/19/2010 12:01:55 PM

The L

Um...all this means is that you can marry the same sex in 7 states, and that wherever in the country you go, you will still be legally counted as married.

It still doesn't mean that gay people can get married in those other 43 states--in fact, the repeal of DOMA was done explicitly to ensure that the states themselves could decide who has the right to get married in those states. The only thing this does for gay people is to ensure that a married couple cannot somehow magically "un-marry" just by crossing state lines.

You honestly can't get more fair than that without allowing gay marriage across the board.

7/20/2010 5:17:49 AM

Doubting Thomas

Still doesn't make a same-sex marriate a real marriage.

No, that would be running off to a Vegas all-night marriage parlor after getting to know each other for a couple hours, having extramarital affairs, being controlling and jealous of your spouse, and then getting divorced after a couple of years.

But hey, if it's a man & woman, then it's a valid marriage.

7/21/2010 9:34:56 AM

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