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[On interracial marriage]

Do you think brain dead whites will take any notice??? especially the females?

From Hurley to Jordan these muppets have been conditioned since childhood to wince with wet ones at almost any form of simian/half breed..

They read stories conjured up in glossy toilet rags like 'marie clare', 'cosmo' etc that a black man/ape is the ultimate thrill.

Probably is when his 'tool' is used with malice and hatred which it invariably is. These stupid women once 'satisfied' are smitten in love - believing they're BEING loved only to end up on the road to ruin being battered, bruised and bankrupted.

Serve 'em right an all!

Anonymous, Sarah Maid of Albion 13 Comments [7/19/2010 1:28:07 PM]
Fundie Index: 10

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I'm not a hateful, violent person, so please go die in whatever manner seems best to you.

7/19/2010 3:06:52 PM


this is what happens when u mix races

7/19/2010 3:45:16 PM


Someone seems bitter about the sex she's not getting.

7/19/2010 4:47:59 PM


Fuck you.

7/19/2010 11:43:16 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

Are you speaking English? What the fuck does wince with wet ones mean?

7/20/2010 4:09:32 AM


I don't know about brain dead white females, but I can see one brain dead person around here...

(Hint: it's you.)

7/20/2010 9:59:12 AM

Doubting Thomas

These stupid women once 'satisfied' are smitten in love

So what, you jealous because black men have bigger penises?

7/20/2010 7:56:26 PM


I think you are the one who is brain dead around here.

7/20/2010 10:55:25 PM

The trolls here are getting less witty by the day. They really need to improve their quality of spam, but I imagine that they are mentally incapable of such and merely project this onto others. See: http://www.cracked.com/article_16605_8-most-obnoxious-internet-commenters.html

7/21/2010 9:12:41 AM



7/25/2010 5:03:15 PM

You need to be lynched along with the god damn niggers.

7/31/2010 3:30:29 PM

Don´t worry, your ancestors did such a good job raping their slaves that both whites and blacks in the south have at least one ancestor of the other race. Why not continuing?

8/1/2010 1:34:00 PM


You tell us whether brain dead whites will do anything. You seem to qualify.

8/3/2010 4:58:27 AM

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