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Pretty soon, nakedness would be the norm and bikinis will be 'modest' - as long as it's at the beach. This is the rate we are going. I wonder what will happen when nakedness isn't enough?

MyNameAlreadyTaken, Christianity.com Forums 32 Comments [6/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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The Jamo

People will peel off their skin and we'll have skeletons running around, that's what.

1/26/2007 3:14:33 AM


Big huge sandy orgies.

1/26/2007 3:39:47 AM


Bikinis have been around for decades, in varying forms.

When nudity on the beach is the norm there'll be a flood of fundies going there to \"protest\". Read: Catch an eyeful.

1/26/2007 3:44:40 AM


We should plan ahead and get the skeleton porn while it's cheap!

1/26/2007 3:45:02 AM


And once nakedness is the norm, no one will notice it anymore.

1/26/2007 3:58:13 AM


We shave the cat!

1/26/2007 4:29:04 AM


Did something happen on a beach this week? Why are there 50 posts about the evils of bathing suits?

1/26/2007 5:25:23 PM


I have a feeling this post is by someone who is either a) unhappily celibate or b) bitter because she can't wear a bikini.

1/26/2007 6:50:18 PM


BurntBush - love it!

1/28/2007 12:38:19 AM

Big Mac

Soon Skeletor will be the sexiest man alive!

I bet this person is either:

1.) A dude who is so ugly, stupid, loud, annoying, obnoxious, etc. to get laid.

2.) Is a chick who is overweight and feels uncomfortable showing off her large and in charge body.

1/28/2007 1:29:51 AM

Dave Bailey/Darwin

Naked, eh?

Get this straight shit-for-brains; WE ARE BORN THAT WAY!!!


1/28/2007 3:05:17 AM


T'Ain't No Sin
(Tom Waits 1993)

\"When you hear sweet syncopation
And the music softly moans
T'ain't no sin to take off your skin
And dance around in your bones

When it gets too hot for comfort
And you can't get ice cream cones
T'ain't no sin to take off your skin
And dance around in your bones

Just like those bamboo babies
Down in the South Sea tropic zone
T'ain't no sin to take off your skin
And dance around in your bones\"

Just for shits and giggles, check out this site and see the full original lyrics (in italics at the bottom) from the 1920's.

/music geek mode

1/28/2007 3:31:48 AM


\"Seven X ... Girls without skin!\"

Tom Waits, Nighthawks at the Diner

And did someone say \"skeleton porn\"?

1/28/2007 6:09:14 AM

Big Mac

This is sooooo hot!

1/29/2007 1:44:59 AM


I wonder what will happen when nakedness isn't enough?

The prostitutes will dress like librarians to attract some attention.

1/29/2007 1:59:53 AM


Isn't this the plot from a Robbie Williams music clip?

1/30/2007 12:21:44 AM


Yes, and then the new fad will be transparent skin. Then transparent organs. Then transparent... [fades out]

Big Mac: Child porn?! What evil demons hath infested thine mind!? Or something.


2/9/2007 9:30:21 PM


12/4/2007 10:43:46 AM

Brian X

Like that's the worst possible thing that could happen... (looks around at Ye Olde Average American) Okay, maybe it is. But it should definitely be encouraged for hot people. (I would not qualify as a hot person.)

12/4/2007 12:10:09 PM


If your hypothesis is correct, wouldn't that mean that the world is becoming more Edenic?

12/4/2007 12:16:58 PM


Sounds good to me!

Although in all seriousness, by the time I have kids, Eminem will probably be considered wholesome. It's just an example of how the world progresses and lets its hair down: hell, 50 years ago, the Beatles were considered obscene.

12/4/2007 2:26:44 PM


I don't know, but there is a topless-women movement which boob-obsessed guys and some feminists support.

So, after bikinis, it'll probably be one-pieces that only cover the bottom part.

1/20/2008 6:10:51 AM

Sounds like a nice fantasy.

7/5/2008 9:30:46 PM


What's wrong with nakedness?
Oh right...crazy fundie...nevermind lol.

1/17/2010 3:57:45 PM

Adam and Eve were perfectly ok with that, as far as I'm remember.

1/23/2011 11:25:10 AM

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