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Former bus driver has sued the Capital Area Rural Transportation System, charging that the nine-county transit service discriminated against him based on his religion when he was fired for refusing to drive a woman to a Planned Parenthood clinic in January.

Edwin Graning, who was hired as a driver on April 1, 2009, was “concerned that he might be transporting a client to undergo an abortion” when he was assigned to transport two women to Planned Parenthood, according to his lawsuit, filed this week in U.S. District Court in Austin.

Graning is seeking re-instatement, back pay and undisclosed damages for pain, suffering and emotion distress. He is represented by lawyers from the American Center for Law & Justice, founded by evangelical Christian leader Pat Robertson.

Edwin Graning, thestatesman.com 61 Comments [7/24/2010 6:41:32 PM]
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In most places that you get hired, there's this little thing called a contract and job duties are laid out on it. And I'm just spitballing here, but I'd assume that the "job duties" of a bus driver are to sit down, shut the fuck up and drive the bus. And seeing as how a customer gets on the bus to GO somewhere, it is none of your fucking business, outside of the actual driving there, where or why they are going where they are going. SO, no.. you do not get your job back, you have shown that you cannot perform the job duties as laid out on the contract that you most likely signed. If you cannot perform the duties as prescribed by the job, you don't get to keep the job. So fuck off and go find a nice church that you can drive for.

I'm sorry... was that a bit harsh? I'm in a bit of a mood this morning.

7/25/2010 9:26:20 AM


Only in Dumfuckistan!

Holy shit, Americans are retarded!

7/25/2010 9:29:06 AM


I have the same sympathy for this bus driver that I had for the pharmacist who went out of business because he wouldn't dispense prescriptions that went against his faith (like birth control pills).
You were hired to do a job. It's not your job to judge why people want to go to a specific place, it's your job to drive them there and shut the fuck up.

7/25/2010 9:42:23 AM


YOUR religious freedom is not violated by another person's actions. YOU are being a cock, and infringing on another person's freedom to NOT follow your religion and use government-funded public transit to go to a location to undergo a legal medical service.

7/25/2010 10:32:27 AM


Mind your own fucking business, driver. Just get on with your job. Otherwise, yes, you sould be sacked and lose all pay.

Actually, you haven't a leg to stand on in making a claim on the basis of discrimination. You are not entitled to tell others how to live their lives.

7/25/2010 10:50:57 AM


Have a good time not winning that case Ed. You didn't do your job, you got fired...sorry.

7/25/2010 12:37:24 PM

Old Viking

Edwin surveys passengers as they board, ascertains what stop each wants, then determines whether the stop is Christian-approved.

7/25/2010 12:40:24 PM


Typical fundie. It's fine if he's the one discriminating, even if it's his fucking job to transport anyone and everyone wherever the hell they want to go. Sorry, but if you don't like the idea of taking people places then you're in the wrong business.

7/25/2010 2:10:10 PM

The Lazy One

Planned Parenthood helped me with my endometriosis problems when we couldn't find a gynecologist that accepted then insurance we were on at the time. I would probably still be doubled over in pain from ovarian cysts if it wasn't for them. I never went to have an abortion, just so that I could live my life normally without feeling like someone stabbed me in the lower abdomen all the time.

7/25/2010 5:14:04 PM

Professor M

This is small potatoes compared to the mainstream of the "conscience clause" advocates -- those people were pushing for a law which would allow any health or first-aid provider (including EMTs and paramedics) to refuse assistance to anyone they had a religious objection to without losing their job.

7/25/2010 5:21:05 PM

Quantum Mechanic

In other news, a Muslim taxi driver refused to transport liquor.


7/25/2010 5:24:53 PM

The Jamo

No, it wasn't discrimination; you got fired because you refused to do your job. No contest there.

7/25/2010 6:37:37 PM


If your religion prohibits you from doing your job, then don't apply for that job.

7/25/2010 7:13:53 PM


If you can't keep from imposing your religious beliefs on others in the work place, then you deserved to get fired.

7/25/2010 9:05:24 PM


Someone should tell this fundie asshole that women visit Planned Parenthood for low cost GYN check ups.


7/26/2010 3:15:18 AM

Mister Spak

Maybe planned parenthood could sue him for loss of business. And the two women could sue him for restricting their freedom of religion.

7/26/2010 5:19:57 AM


Fundies like this piss me the fuck off. They demand special privileges for themselves and feel they have the right to discriminate against others and force their religious beliefs upon everyone and then cry persecution when they're not allowed to control everyone else's lives. Where the fuck do they get the nerve? I hope that he not only loses the case but gets counter-sued by the women he refused to transport. Now THEY actually have a legitimate claim to discrimination.

7/26/2010 6:27:48 AM

Doubting Thomas

Pain, suffering and emotional distress for doing his job? I love how arrogant jerks filing lawsuits try to sound like they're the poor, persecuted victim.

If this guy didn't like taking women to Planned Parenthood, he should have requested a different route or STFU and drove the bus. And people have a right to privacy when it comes to medical issues. Apparently he never heard of HIPPA.

Could you imagine if for some reason this guy won his lawsuit? Then women would have to reveal the reason they're getting off at the stop near Planned Parenthood.

7/26/2010 7:45:02 AM


As a bus driver, his job is to take people where they want to go. If he wants to be a preacher, he shouldve gone to preacher school(irony) for that.

7/26/2010 9:20:20 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

When will you freaks learn that DRIVING someone to a place like that does not in ANY way infringe on your beliefs.

If you do not agree with me..then should an atheist driver sue the company if he gets fired for refusing to take a person to a church? If I said I was "concerned I may be transporting a group of people to a known place were cult activity has happened"..how much money should I get when I sue them?

7/26/2010 10:36:17 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

I think the judge should ask the plaintif exactly were in the Bible is specifically condemns giving a ride to someone wanting to go to planned parenthood. Just because the people are getting a ride to PP, DOES NOT mean they are going to have an abortion. Maybe they were going there to talk their sister out of having the abortion? Maybe they were going there to protest abortion on the sidewalk and pray for the abortion doctors...you havent the slightest..and this case will slam flat on its face.

7/26/2010 10:39:19 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

..are we not seeing a recuring theme..that it is an afront and persecution to the evangelicals if other people live their lives any other way than evangelical. The evangelicals FORCE you, with no choice, to take their method of living life...and if you refuse or get upset, then YOU are persecuting THEM!

..and to top it off...they have started spreading the meme that Christianity isnt a religion, but a "personal relationship with christ". If the meme spreads far and wide, then Christianity will be introduced into government as it is not a religion, and therefore not subject to the wall of seperation (which they claim is a myth, but also claim that god isnt a myth).

7/26/2010 10:44:10 AM

Shanya Almafeta

If the ACLJ succeeds at this, I fully expect them to defend me when I decide to exercise my right not to serve religious clients due to their beliefs offending my beliefs.

(Was that sarcasm dripping enough? I don't know, surely it's enough that people wouldn't take that seriously.)

7/26/2010 10:52:39 AM


But if the driver had been a Muslim, refusing to drive someone a ride to a church, citing religious reasons, this guy would be foaming at the mouth, demanding he be fired and executed. Funny how the religious right to be exempt from duty only applies to them...

7/26/2010 12:02:54 PM


And when the judge slaps you with the fees for filing a nuisance suit, Edwin, you better hope you have enough savings to pay them.

Then brand the word "LOSER" on your forehead so you don't pull this shit again.

7/26/2010 1:08:50 PM

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