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[Q - If we're made in God's image, why aren't we invisible?]

who says he is invisible.. Maybe we just cannot see him.. God created our ability to see, but we see onlya limited level of light rays.. Dogs and animals can see on higher color spectrums than we humans.. Maybe we just dont see whats out there, but its there nontheless..

Mintee, Y! answers 93 Comments [7/26/2010 3:24:29 PM]
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So god is in the ultraviolet spectrum?
No wait we can see that with Ultraviolet photography. Then Infra red, no wait we can see that with cameras too. Well that theory fails.

7/26/2010 3:30:49 PM


Aah, I can't remember where this quote is from, even though I'm sure I've seen it less than a week ago. It was a jewish man answering his son's question about the same thing, but the other way around:
- If God is invisible, can he see Himself?
- God made man in His image, He sees Himself by looking at you.

I think that answer was a lot more elegant than clumsily trying to science it out.

7/26/2010 3:31:24 PM

Doctor Whom

You fail both the Bible and physics forever.

7/26/2010 3:32:34 PM

Huckster Sam

My my, look at all these straws. I think I shall grasp at them.

7/26/2010 3:35:35 PM

Thinking Allowed

So much fail in such a little space.

7/26/2010 3:39:19 PM


We have all kinds of equipment to get images outside of the normal light spectrum, yet no god anywhere

7/26/2010 3:42:52 PM


well, its not fundie if youre an agnostic.

7/26/2010 3:43:29 PM


So...he's not invisible, he's just not visible...?

7/26/2010 3:43:34 PM

Old Viking

Just because you can't see him doesn't mean he's invisible.

7/26/2010 3:44:11 PM


Nice home run swing, but you whiffed.
"Invisible" sort of means you can't see him. It's pretty much the definition of the word.
"Undetectable," a good word to describe your god, does not apply to frequencies outside the visible spectrum. If you want to detect one of those, try sticking your hand in the microwave.

7/26/2010 3:44:43 PM

Prof. Bill Hill

"who says he is invisible.. Maybe we just cannot see him.."

Therefore, he is invisible. And it's you who is doing the speculating that He is. Me and the brethren in my cult maintain that it's because He looks like a ceiling and not like a hairless ape. If you looked more like a ceiling rather than like a typical ape, I'm sure you'd prefer to be invisible too. However, it almost goes without saying, that we are very ignorant and stupid, so you shouldn't take what we say as being gospel.

7/26/2010 3:50:28 PM


Wow. Science AND English fail.

7/26/2010 3:57:15 PM


Just like the Invisible Pink Unicorn:

We know she's invisible because we can't see her, but we have faith that she's pink because she says so.

Did he just make a standard atheist argument FOR the existence of the god? Really?

It's just about dinner time here, and it looks like delicious irony is on the table. And there's plenty of it. Mmmmmmm....irony.

7/26/2010 3:59:09 PM


Why is this here? It's not front page material.

7/26/2010 4:19:25 PM


Or maybe there's nothing to see...

7/26/2010 4:27:27 PM


Invisible: from the Latin "videre", meaning "to see". Definition: Unable to be seen.

Yeah, I'd say he's invisible, since we can't see him.

7/26/2010 4:33:35 PM


Since our eyes are rather limited we have developed machines that can sense virtually any wavelength of the radio spectrum. The only rational explanation is that there is nothing to see in the place the fundies would put God.

7/26/2010 4:35:05 PM


By definition, if we can't see him he is invisible to us.
Fuck you people are stupid.

7/26/2010 4:45:18 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"who says he is invisible.. Maybe we just cannot see him.."


7/26/2010 4:45:18 PM


Or maybe he's just shy.

7/26/2010 4:50:10 PM


Am I now supposed to believe that dogs can see God?

7/26/2010 5:03:11 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

"who says he is invisible.. Maybe we just cannot see him.."

*GASP* ...OMG...it makes so much sense now.

God isnt invisible..we just cant see him!!

7/26/2010 5:05:33 PM


"who says he is invisible.. Maybe we just cannot see him.. "

Effectively making him... well... invisible... dumbass.

7/26/2010 5:20:55 PM


Does that mean God can't see himself?

7/26/2010 5:27:59 PM

Kat S.

I agree along with the lines of shadkat, maybe He doesn't want to be seen. Why? I don't know for sure.

7/26/2010 5:31:34 PM

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