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I never get quoted. [Sad smiley] On another note, I find it rather ironic how most of the quotes he uses to 'prove' how wacky we are are either taken out of context or true statements, i.e. antitox's mention about the Arabs serving a demon as a god.

Whosoever, Rapture Ready 5 Comments [7/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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10/10/2006 8:02:48 PM

David D.G.

\"Most Informed Critique of Another Religion\" Award nomination, coming right up!

Whosoever, \"Allah\" is just \"God\" in a different language: namely, Arabic. Do you think the French Christians actually serve a demon named \"Dieu\"?

~David D.G.

10/10/2006 8:49:21 PM


OK, put that in context then...


oh shit! You think that's true!

I GIVE UP! I hope you and your colon are very happy together.

10/11/2006 4:41:02 AM

"I never get quoted."

...until NOW that is, haha idiot.

2/5/2008 5:38:24 PM


You know you suck at being a fundie when you can't even come up with something crazy enough to be quoted, and when you finally do you get four responses in over six years.

10/6/2010 3:02:51 AM

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