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[Re: Is Obama trying to crash our economy on purpose?]

YA THINK? Why else. . . to become a dictator and set up one of the 12 Muslim caliphs.

Blessedhope777, Rapture Ready 66 Comments [7/30/2010 4:24:10 PM]
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Yeah, because he passed the Patriot Act which abridged our rights... oh, wait. Because he got us involved in pointless overseas wars... oh, wait. Because he's a Muslim... oh, wait. Because he let the banks rip off the public... oh, wait. Why was that again?

7/31/2010 3:16:35 PM

The L

Um, the caliphs are kinda, dead. Have been for over a millennium.

Although I have to admit, zombie caliphs would probably do a better job than SOME people in our government...

7/31/2010 4:11:49 PM


I thought us evil social libs were atheists...I am so confused!

7/31/2010 4:37:39 PM


I give up. Fine, Obama is a secret Muslim and he's going to personally persecute every single Christian in the US. There are you happy? Now will shut the hell up?

7/31/2010 6:26:19 PM


7/31/2010 6:35:46 PM


Oddly enough, I thought the the main reason Obama was elected was that most people realized the economy was crashing under the previous administration...

8/1/2010 8:55:14 AM


At least you wackos are sure of yourselves.

8/1/2010 10:47:04 AM


Re: This thread
Given that the last U.S President, George W Bush was so heavily involved with Saudi Arabia, notably the Arbusto incident, in which the House of Saud,a/k/a The Saudi Royal Family bailed him out, after said company went bankrupt, & his dubious relationship with Crown Prince Bandar a/k/a "Bandar Bush", as he so often referred to him...
(Note: Crown Prince Bandar is now currently wanted for corruption charges by the U.S, dating from the Bush Administration...).
As such, one could argue that Bush was emulating his Saudi "patrons", by enabling powers that removed troublesome democracy, and the 2 wars fought by the U.S in Iraq & Afghanistan, had the benefit of keeping Saudi Arabia, one of the "Top Dogs" in the Middle East...

8/1/2010 11:28:38 AM


@Xotan: I used to think the same thing, but the original Arabic word actually does have the short I sound rather than the long E sound on the second syllable. What you suggested is a faux-exotic pronunciation that no actual Middle East expert I know uses.

Not to mention that the original word had the notoriously difficult 'kh' sound, so if you can't do it you're mispronouncing anyway.

@fundie: I think you mean Imams rather than Caliphs however we're pronouncing it, because there were far more than 12 caliphs. 12 caliphs would be from Abu Bakr to a few decades into the Umayyad dynasty, i.e. a very small portion of Islamic history. The myth of the 12 Imams is a completely different thing.

8/2/2010 8:27:18 AM


Hey, the economy was already crashed when he took the job. The dunce before him managed to crash not only the economy of the US, but the economy of the whole world.
Good work there, Georgie-boy!!!

8/2/2010 8:41:47 AM

Doubting Thomas

Will you still be saying this in January 2017 when a new president takes over? Oh right, you'll forget you ever believed it.

8/2/2010 10:41:04 AM


@Doubting Thomas

Or they'll believe their fervent prayers held the end that they oddly enough seem to have such a hard on for at bay.

They really can never make up their mind, can they?

8/2/2010 11:12:56 AM


I would like an explanation of how destroying a country's economy might cause people to put you in absolute charge.

8/2/2010 2:19:41 PM


DIAF RaptureRetard.

8/2/2010 10:32:28 PM

So, Georges Bush was somehow dubbed into the complot?

1/4/2011 4:38:41 AM

Quantum Mechanic


12/30/2013 8:09:25 AM

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