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Serial killers, government tyrants, academic liberals, Catholic priests, politicians, Mormon Church higher-ups, Jewish rabbis, environmental extremists, communists, religious heretics, mass murderers, occultists, spies, and the Illuminati share something hideous and grotesque in common. Almost all are homo-sexual. Worse, most of the sick-minded men who comprise these demented social groups are not only homosexual, they practice the most kinky and perverted forms of sexual licentiousness-pedophilia, satanic bondage, physical torture, bisexuality, transvestitism, and even bestiality.

Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Homosexuality is a Sin! 106 Comments [7/30/2010 4:24:44 PM]
Fundie Index: 142
Submitted By: Ian

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Rat of Steel

Mmm. Satanic bondage.
(Rat licks his lips hungrily as he glances over at WMDKitty.)

Where do I sign up for lessons?


"Wanna take bets on whether he was fapping while writing this?"

*laughs* Only if I get to bet that he was. I like betting on sure things.

7/30/2010 4:26:40 PM

I see what you did there.

"If you ain't a bible thumpin evangelical then you're totally evil! Also, I'm going to describe explicit sexual behavior because I'm so against it!"

Wanna take bets on whether he was fapping while writing this?

7/30/2010 4:30:50 PM

But... But... Physical torture is encouraged by your holy book.

Also: Mmm, kinky sex and satanic bondag.

7/30/2010 4:37:55 PM

TB Tabby

Did you stop to read this and see how ridiculous it sounded?

7/30/2010 4:38:24 PM


Sounds like someone has a guilty conscience. Either that or he's just a complete asshole. I wonder who ordained this idiot?

7/30/2010 4:38:31 PM

Thinking Allowed

7/30/2010 4:46:35 PM

Doctor Whom

Keep it up. By pissing off that many people and proving yourself to be more cracked than value-priced earthenware that's been dropped, you're doing our work for us.

Oh, and when do I get invited to the satanic bondage? (sulks)

7/30/2010 4:48:33 PM


Gee, with all that going for us, you'd think homosexuality would be compulsory.

7/30/2010 5:03:33 PM


This has to be a Poe right, no one could really believe this...right? I mean this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen posted to this site. No one could be this stupid and still remember to breathe.

7/30/2010 5:06:33 PM


jesus-is-savior.com is a fucking joke, these fuckers are the bottom of the barrel deep-woods inbred pieces of shit.

7/30/2010 5:08:52 PM


So gay men engage in bisexuality?

I thought bisexual men did that.

7/30/2010 5:11:24 PM


I like how bestiality is made to seem worse then torture and pedophilia.

7/30/2010 5:13:44 PM

Old Viking

I once saw a couple of them painting graffiti on an overpass.

7/30/2010 5:15:24 PM


Translation: "I hate and fear everyone who's not an inbred fanatic just like me!"

7/30/2010 5:16:26 PM

caustic gnostic

What about the $cientologists?

7/30/2010 5:17:17 PM


wait a minute spies? Doesn't the US use spies also?

Oh never mind read Lamb: the Gospel according to Biff (then have another rant)


7/30/2010 5:19:05 PM


This is the most ridiculous argument i have ever heard. This is pretty much Top 100 material.

7/30/2010 5:19:45 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

What kind of christian are you?

You left out socialists, marxists, and atheists.

For shame; for shame...

7/30/2010 5:23:53 PM


Let's see here ...

Ebil gheyz, check = kiddy-fiddling, check = goat-fucking, check.

Infinity verse, same as the first with these people. Yo, Reverend Louie! Something you'd like to share with the class?

7/30/2010 5:25:48 PM


Jeez - I guess half the world is gay. I wonder how the human race survived for the last quarter of a million years?

7/30/2010 5:46:49 PM


It would appear he left a few people out of his list of "homo-sexuals", like Ted Haggard, George Rekers, California State Senator Roy Ashburn (R), Glen Murphy Jr. (33-year-old president of the Young Republican National Federation), and the list goes on and on...

7/30/2010 5:49:49 PM

Mrs. Antichrist

I'd ask him to cite his sources, but we all know he doesn't have any.

7/30/2010 5:58:27 PM

Big Jilm

Wow Sheldon, you sure do have a lot on your mind? See a doctor.

7/30/2010 5:58:53 PM

Power Skunk

Throw in a stripper pole, a hookah, and a couple of coolers of beer and that group sounds like a kick-ass party.
Where's this happening again?

7/30/2010 6:07:49 PM


I thought lying was a sin.

7/30/2010 6:32:33 PM

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