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SNOBama is not looking to start a race war. That's too small for his thinking which is the thinking of William Ayers and his harridan wife. SNOBama is looking to start a CLASS war on the level of the Russian or Cuban revolution. Group think. Keep in mind how much the left hates this country, the gangs of anarchists, wacko enviornmentalists, muslims, others who see the chance to have the last act for the utopia they want to create. Race war is minor thinking. There are much bigger sharks circling in the tank. He will wait until the entire nation is embroiled.

SNOBama is laying the foundation for class warfare right now. The entire administration is. Get the rich, the rich are unfair, stop the rich, take the profits from those businesses, everyone is cheating the poor. WHO is rich? Obviously it isn't only millionaires. It's everyone who gets dividend check from investments, has a business, lives in a nice house, drives a decent late model car. We had a Vietnamese CONGRESSMAN asking for an executive to commit suicide. How long before executions? SNOBama is on the television every day promoting his ideas of class warfare. The spearhead and foundation might be a race war, but he had much more in mind than that.

Kathy30, Free Conservatives 47 Comments [8/2/2010 3:34:28 AM]
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Do you have any factual evidence of this class war you keep talking about? And no, your conspiracy theories don't count as fact.

"Keep in mind how much the left hates this country,"
Just because some people do not share your views does not mean they hate America.

"We had a Vietnamese CONGRESSMAN asking for an executive to commit suicide."

What does him being Vietnamese have to do with anything?

8/4/2010 1:18:28 PM


I didn't realize that Glenn Beck changed his name to "Kathy".

8/4/2010 2:17:10 PM

I read about the afterlife

SNOBama! Oh your wit and cleverness astounds me!

8/4/2010 5:23:14 PM


Class warfare: It's the Christian thing to do.
"The first shall be last, and the last shall be first."

8/5/2010 6:53:51 AM


Wait, what now? You're typing words together, but they make no sense.

8/5/2010 10:38:07 AM


Keep in mind how much the Freepers hate the facts, real research, and reading anything that doesn't echo their views.

P.S. Just because everyone in the administration is smarter than you, Kathy, that doesn't make them snobs. It just means that you're stupid.

8/5/2010 4:10:26 PM


Obama isn't Marxist!
Obama is centrist!
Socialists hate his policies!
Good day sir!

8/9/2010 12:18:23 PM


You want war?

Well then let me subjugate your town.

I want a share of the US with my name on it.

I'll be more than happy to use your bank account to fund my own militia.

8/15/2010 2:47:37 PM

Did she end that sentence with a preposition?!

8/17/2010 1:33:11 PM


Because the Republicans aren't playing the rich against everyone else? *snort*

8/19/2010 12:20:21 PM


For some reason every time he says snobama I think of a snobold from WoW. They think they are being clever, that is the funny part.

8/19/2010 10:21:09 PM

The Watcher

Well, that's all well and good, as long as Obama has nothing to do with it, and it's just this SNOBama guy. Whoever the hell he is.

8/20/2010 3:14:03 PM


Or like Washington and king George.

8/22/2010 9:49:28 AM

Obama isn't even remotely socialist or leftist

8/24/2010 3:42:17 PM

What country is this guy even living in? Seriously? America has had a class war going on for half a century now. It's just that only one side is actually fighting.

I'm pretty sure if you mapped out US policy for the last decade, without reference to actual speeches and so forth - just the actual laws that were passed, not the speeches or debates - you would be hard pressed to pick out where Bush left and Obama took over. You certainly wouldn't be able to point to any kind of populist revolution going on.

8/25/2010 7:09:11 AM


This guy is insane, but killing the rich? Might help.

8/27/2010 8:07:16 AM


It's like conservatives are living in a trashy spy movie.

@Chris, that's exactly why conservatards won't let go of these conspiracy theories. Their real lives are so dull and pointless, even civil war looks good by comparison.

8/27/2010 2:00:09 PM


Free conservatives: anyone who doesn't think like them must be an america-hating liberal.

9/1/2010 6:39:47 PM

J. James

Well shit, it just seems that when a 2% portion of the population controls 50% of the wealth, AND they put us-the other 98%-into a protracted recession, one that actually affects our lives, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, we can raise their taxes? At all? Just a bit!? But nooooo, that would be UNFAIR.

You sicken me, you wall street shill. The rich will still be rich even when we expect them to pay their fair share.


6/18/2011 12:27:44 AM

Yeah, stupid administration. Get the rich, the rich are unfair, the rich gave severely overvalued loans to people who couldn't pay them back and traded those loans like they were actually money and when the people who couldn't pay them back didn't pay them back the entire economy collapsed but the rich people got a bunch of money because their (also rich) friends all run the agencies in charge of stopping just such a thing from happening. Obama should stop this class warfare.

8/18/2011 8:15:55 PM

Snobs are people smarter than you, I take it.

9/5/2011 11:59:05 AM

Often Partisan

Obama is a snob yet loves the idea of proletarian class warfare? WTF?

8/19/2012 2:06:04 PM

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