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Quote# 7563

to me, it [gay marriage] is like the global warming issue. does global warming pose a threat to anybody currently living? no, not really. but 100 years from now if the temperature has increased then maybe it will.

79TA, POD Warrior Forum 8 Comments [7/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Gay marriage is not going to harm anyone.
They have the right to marry.

1/29/2008 7:33:31 PM


Therein lies the rub. 100 years from now, Global Warming may have a significant effect. But if we act now, it'll be moot. Further, it makes less sense as gays want to marry NOW. It is an immediate issue.

1/29/2008 8:32:29 PM


Tell me, what exactly will gay marriage DO to you?


Oh, that's right. NOTHING.

1/29/2008 9:20:45 PM



I suppose they fear that teh gays will want exclusive right to marriage one day.

1/29/2008 10:01:02 PM

doomie 22

79TA, are you admitting that global warming exists? What are you? Some kind of liberal, democrat hippie!?

6/21/2008 8:41:00 PM


Well if the globe warms, generally the temperature DOES increase. Way to go, Christian!

7/16/2008 9:03:31 PM

Quantum Mechanic

The dead in Joplin MO have a bone to pick with you.

6/5/2011 6:18:05 AM

Go tell Bangledesh

6/8/2011 9:48:38 AM