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What's the name for a self-centered, uncharitable person who censors classroom prayer? An atheist. That's why atheists do not build hospitals, and they don't win sports championships like the World Cup either.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 73 Comments [8/28/2010 7:42:14 PM]
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@rallymodeller: yeah but those don't count, because the Gates' are atheists. So they're really liberal indoctrination/human sacrifice centers. Or something.

You see, Schlafly doesn't live in the same world the rest of us do, and he moved there of his own free will. In his world, Reagan never died, Clinton never existed, and Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin are president and veep of the entire world, which consists of the United States and a small handful of points abroad (A "Here There Be Dragons" sign marks the place place where the inchoate darkness of the Outer Islamo-European Caliphate begins). Obama died tragically in some third-world nation as a child of cholera, unnoticed and unmourned. In his world, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Orly Taitz and Glenn Beck are respected journalists and commentators, Kent Hovind, William Dembski and Ken Ham are respected scientists, and Albert Einstein died when his bicycle got crushed by an out-of-control truck sometime in his teens. In his world, Jesus was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, cigar-chomping free-market capitalist Republican in a Brooks Brothers suit holding an American flag in one hand and a Colt Peacemaker in the other, and Ayn Rand sits beside his throne, casting the sign of the Almighty Dollar over everyone that approaches. Atheists, liberal Christians, Muslims and pagans are all working together to overthrow the proper order--and why wouldn't they, since they have so much in common already, namely their blazing, carious hatred of Real True Christianity and those who adhere to it? Everything beyond the border of America (no, Canada and Mexico aren't actually American countries in Schlaflyworld) is a vast, untracked wasteland filled with demonic subhuman creatures who have rabidly dedicated themselves to the utter annihilation of everything good in the world in the name of their Luciferian masters.

I'm glad the rest of us don't live in Schlaflyworld. He can have it.

8/29/2010 12:29:04 AM


8/29/2010 12:50:09 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

Replace "school prayer" with "any opinion other than his own", and you have Andy Schlafly in a nutshell.

8/29/2010 1:15:15 AM

Mihangel apYrs

I'm coming to the conclusion all this BS is Andy's way to make sure he's mummy's bestest boy ever, and as away to make up to mummy for his brother having teh ghey!!

8/29/2010 2:32:58 AM

London Jew

This is the dumbest thing Assfly has ever said, which is kind of awesome considering the many, many dumb things he has said before.

Anyway, I can refute the last sentence: George Cohen, who played right-back for the England World Cup winning team of 1966, is an atheist (my Dad was at school with him, and they were friends for many years).

8/29/2010 2:48:01 AM


Self-centred? Actually I believe that I, and all other humans, are pretty insignificant in the grand scope of the universe, rather than the one thing that the all-powerful Creator loves most in His Creation.

Uncharitable? Now, you only think that because we don't brag about it. I give money to charity because it's the right thing to do, not because I want people to know what a good person I am.

Censors classroom prayer? I'm all for people praying in class as long as it doesn't affect other people who don't share that belief. That's hardly what I'd call censorship. But then, I suppose, when all you have is a cross, everything looks like a nail.

8/29/2010 3:31:31 AM

I give to charity, give blood, and actually think a moment of silence in schools is probably a good thing, during which children could meditate, pray, or just chill the heck out before the lesson. It just shouldn't be prayer led by the teacher, because that's unconstitutional.

8/29/2010 4:16:08 AM

Blaidd Drwg

@ Blasphemia: you said:It's to the point where making fun of this guy's comments feels like picking on Sarah Palin's kid.

Which kid did you mean, the Down's Syndrome one, or the slut who wants to be a poster child for abstinence?

8/29/2010 5:10:37 AM

The L

Oh, boo hoo. Students have to say their own prayers instead of a teacher telling them what prayers to say. So uncharitable, that is. So very cruel.

And yes, atheists do build hospitals. You know all those secular hospitals out there? They were financed in part by ATHEISTS.

8/29/2010 5:16:21 AM


Looking for fundietard stuff in Conservapedia is like shooting fish in a barrel.

It's too easy to be fun.

8/29/2010 6:02:34 AM


Funny, i just donated 50 bucks to medical research and i have won a few trophies by driving a rally car really fast.

8/29/2010 6:08:57 AM


No, it's you damn Christians won't let me make students worship Allah in Government sponsored class. You with your damn separation of Church and State.

8/29/2010 6:22:58 AM

Cid Highwind

Am I the only one who gets knots in his brain trying to figure out how building hospitals, being charitable and winning the world cup are related???

8/29/2010 6:25:23 AM


Schafly, check Bill Gates - the atheist one who owns Microsoft.

And then tell us how much per annum you, personally contribute to charities. To give us a reference point to asses if your comments are wirth anything attention, please also say what your gross annual income is.

If you won't do this then STFU and stop acting the hypocrite.

8/29/2010 6:40:01 AM

D Laurier

"What's the name for a self-centered, uncharitable person who censors classroom prayer?"
Fictional entity.

"That's why atheists do not build hospitals, and they don't win sports championships like the World Cup either."
Except when they do, and when they do.

8/29/2010 7:35:03 AM


The World Cup? But that's for furinners anyway, not 'patriotic' intolerant rednecks 'True' Americans like you.

8/29/2010 8:17:38 AM

Philbert McAdamia

We damned atheists haven't got a chance at winning because we have no god to pray to for the other team to lose. That will be my hell; ruing forever and ever that I never won a World Cup. <<sob>>

8/29/2010 8:41:51 AM

Boy Wonder

@ Tempus

You win forever.

8/29/2010 9:20:29 AM


what does winning sports championships have to do with being a charitable person?

Also Bill Gates is an atheist and donates shittons of money to charity.

8/29/2010 9:40:27 AM

Zeus Almighty

@ rallymodeller

Don't forget Ted Turner in that list. He's given away more than $1 billion.

8/29/2010 11:00:57 AM


Andy Schafly, talking about censorship.

8/29/2010 11:15:53 AM


Obviously you've never heard of Bill Gates or Lance Armstrong, because their existance disproves your point.

8/29/2010 11:40:32 AM

El Zorro

Andy is running out of things to say.

8/29/2010 12:10:49 PM


What's the name for a self-centered, uncharitable person who censors classroom prayer? An atheist

First, are you actually suggesting that no atheist has ever donated to any charity, ever?

Second, Name one atheist who has or advocates that no child be allowed to pray in class at any time. The only ban on school prayer is a ban on madatory, teacher-led prayer any student is free to pray in class provided they are not disrupting the class itself.

That's why atheists do not build hospitals,

So how to you plan on explaining the ones that do? To claim that no atheist ever donates to charity, helps build a hospital, etc. is nothing more than an outright and deliberate lie.

and they don't win sports championships like the World Cup either.

So no atheist has ever won or been a part of a championship winning team? You are really scraping the bottom of the bullshit barrel here Andy. When you have to resort to obvious and easily refuted lies in order to try to make your point then you know you don't have a rhetorical or ideological leg to stand on.

8/29/2010 1:15:12 PM

Old Viking

Doesn't even make sense.

8/29/2010 1:24:00 PM

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