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"Just to set things straight:

Banning sex is NOT sinful, banning reproduction however IS. God wants us to reproduce and raise families, it's our lot in life. If anything, the removal of taboos placed on sexuality will cause a downward slide in reproduction. As sex is progressively viewed as a recreational activity, pressure to make anti-conceptive methods more effective builds up, sex becomes more common but reproduction becomes scarce. The solution would be to ban sex entirely whilst making methods of artificial insemination mandatory.

It's not a question of HOW we reproduce but IF. I don't think God would shed many tears if we replaced a primitive and sensual method of reproduction with something more civilized and modest. It's the same concept behind why we rarely create fire by rubbing two sticks together anymore, just with more moral reasoning."

Whathastobedone, Theology Online 72 Comments [8/30/2010 6:37:21 PM]
Fundie Index: 86
Submitted By: Skavau

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"Banning sex is NOT sinful, banning reproduction however IS."

How does this even begin to make sense? Only allow reproduction through in-vitro fertilization or other artificial means? Outlaw all intercourse except procreative missionary-position sex between a married couple?

Yeah, OK, good luck passing and enforcing that, sparky.

Whathastobedone seems to have mistaken "Theology Online" with "Theocracy Online".

8/30/2010 10:28:47 AM


I...d...j......I don't even....what? D=

8/30/2010 6:35:59 PM


You. Are. An. Idiot.

8/30/2010 6:49:01 PM


George Orwell's "1984" has all this anti-sex rhetoric in it too. I'm sure you would be happen with a woman or man just laying there saying "doing our duty", but not for me!

8/30/2010 6:51:39 PM


"Banning sex is NOT sinful, banning reproduction however IS."

Biology fail.

8/30/2010 6:54:39 PM


Go ahead, pass that one on to your congressman. Even the most conservative ones would laugh in your face.

8/30/2010 6:59:07 PM


So, if reproduction was guaranteed by some sort of futuristic and self-sustaining birthing factory, would all sorts of kinky sex be allowed?

Somehow I doubt concern for reproduction is the underlying cause for objection here.

8/30/2010 7:02:21 PM


...Am I the only one who thinks that this guy used "1984" as an instruction manual rather than a warning?

8/30/2010 7:06:42 PM


Turkey basters all around!

8/30/2010 7:10:17 PM

Allegory for Jesus

Moral reasoning? Pfft. When you start with the premise "God wants...," you give up all rights to use the word "reason".

8/30/2010 7:17:33 PM


Not 1984 guys, Brave New World.

8/30/2010 7:17:51 PM

Evilution Teacher

"downward slide in reproduction" giggle giggle giggle; oh he/she didn't mean THAT kind of downward slide?

And as a woman who enjoys sex AND is trying to get pregnant; I disprove your theory.

@ Blasphemina: LOL

Edit: Visited original post - here is original poster's "slogan" for his/her profile

Every problem in the world is caused by the fact that someone, somewhere isn't a Christian. - Me"


8/30/2010 7:20:58 PM

Man Called True

@ LM:

Not really. Brave New World had nonreproductive sex as a social requirement.

8/30/2010 7:30:34 PM


Ah, someone finally explained the anti-choice agenda clearly and honestly.

8/30/2010 7:37:00 PM


"The solution would be to ban sex entirely whilst making methods of artificial insemination mandatory."

You mean like they do to cows in factory farms? A lifetime imprisoned in a cage, enslaved to perpetual pregnancy? Will they be slaughtered when they are no longer "productive" enough?

Of course it's not this guy's fault if it just happens to only enslave the female half of the population. He can just gleefully point to his ego-projection imaginary friend and say it's his plan.

(Yeah, I'm assuming the OP is a guy. This could only come from the mind of a perfect candidate for LoveShy.)

8/30/2010 7:38:32 PM

The L

This reminds me of Sulva from That Hideous Strength, coupled with the societies from The Giver and 1984.

That is NOT a good combination.

8/30/2010 7:38:46 PM


So...you want to be like Krypton, then? God destroyed them because they didn't fuck passionately enough. Look it up. It's in the Superman Bible.

8/30/2010 7:47:45 PM

You just don't get it. God WANTS us to have crazy wild out of control sex.
Why else would he make it feel so good?

8/30/2010 7:48:08 PM


Wow, I feel sorry for your girlfriend/wife, if you have one; which, if you do, won't be for very long. Actually, I feel sorry for you too as you'll be missing out on one of the best experiences in life because of dogma.

8/30/2010 8:25:43 PM


Huh? WTF? Now they want to ban sex? Take your "civilized and modest" and shove it.

8/30/2010 8:40:20 PM


People like you give stupid a bad name.

8/30/2010 8:49:49 PM



8/30/2010 9:06:35 PM


WOW. I've been saying for years that you people hate sex, but I thought I was just using hyperbole. You people ACTUALLY HATE SEX.

8/30/2010 9:41:08 PM


You are fucking crazy. If you banned sex, the people would revolt in the most violent possible manner.

8/30/2010 10:49:05 PM

the old firm

"Banning sex is NOT sinful..." Yeah, because repressing sexual urges does work soooo well.

8/30/2010 11:20:16 PM

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