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So the raped person can never be responsible for the rape? They can never be at fault it seems. No matter how much they seem to desire being truly dominated and no matter how much they 'let it happen', they are never the one to blame? You can never say she was 'asking for it'. . . but to be raped, that's the gift of ulitmate control, complete dominance and complete submission.

e_i-2, Love-shy.com 133 Comments [8/31/2010 3:47:24 PM]
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I can't think of a single situation where rape is justified, no.

8/31/2010 3:49:59 PM

Complete submission is one thing, but ONLY IF THEY CONSENT TO SUBMIT, you dumbfuck. I hope you go to prison one day and get done violently up the bum by men.

8/31/2010 3:50:19 PM


If they want it, it's not rape, you dumbfuck.

8/31/2010 3:52:25 PM


Rape = Love only in La-La Land, fucktard.

8/31/2010 4:05:25 PM

Smurfette Principle

There is a difference between "I really want to be dominated" and "What the hell are you doing?!"

If this is not clear enough, allow me to demonstrate with a cactus.

8/31/2010 4:07:59 PM


By definition, rape is done without the victim's consent. How can it be your fault if something happens to you against your will?

8/31/2010 4:15:52 PM

Smurfette Principle


'Cuz teh wimmins all secretly want it. Duh. "NO!" is just "HARDER!" in womantalk.


That hurt to type.

8/31/2010 4:18:20 PM


If they actually ask for it, it's not rape because they consent. If they don't actually ask for it, then it's not their fault. Because they did not have the doing.


How the hell is being raped a "gift of ultimate control?" It is non-control. You mean being controlled? How is that good? That's a gift like I return your father's sword to you by putting it through your chest.

8/31/2010 4:19:35 PM


Only you stupid misogynist fuckers on Love-Shy fail to realize that rape is not a sex act, it is an act of violence. It is ALWAYS the fault of the rapist.
If you wind up in jail because of your moronic understand of male-female relations, perhaps Big Bubba would be glad to demonstrate on your ass.

8/31/2010 4:26:36 PM


Wow, you're a sick, sadistic fuck, aren't you?

8/31/2010 4:27:26 PM


Funny how being "love shy" looks A lot like an intense hatred and fear of women.

8/31/2010 4:32:40 PM


BDSM does not fucking work that way!

There are some people that really enjoy being submissive to a partner (and btw some of them are guys), but they always submit by choice and they always have the right to say "No" or "Stop".

If you force somebody to submit to you sexually without their permission then it's rape, even if you think they are the kind of person that likes to be submissive because they didn't consent to submit to YOU.

8/31/2010 4:39:33 PM


"So the raped person can never be responsible for the rape?"


"...that's the gift of ulitmate control, complete dominance and complete submission."

That is BDSM, a consensual kink. Rape is a completely different thing.

Love-shy, my ass. Rape apologist scum.

8/31/2010 4:43:42 PM

Old Viking

If a woman gets shot, it serves her right for standing there. Especially if she is dressed provocatively.

8/31/2010 4:44:40 PM


YES. The raped person is NEVER responsible for the rape, the same way a murdered person is never responsible for the murder and a robbed person is never responsible for the robbery (unless they robbed themselves, but that only happens in insurance schemes in detective fiction).

Here's the thing about submission: it's done willingly. If someone submits to something, that means that they are willingly surrendering (reluctantly, perhaps, but it is a choice that the person is making). Rape, by definition, is being fucked AGAINST your will. The victim may cease struggling, but they have NOT consented.

8/31/2010 4:49:13 PM


If it was their "fault" then it wasn't rape. When you are charged with rape you defend yourself by proving you had consent, to prove that it wasn't rape.

However a woman "seeming to desire it" or "totally let it happen your honour" or that "it was a gift of ultimate control" are not legitimate defenses, merely perceptions of your sick imagination to justify yourself.

8/31/2010 4:51:11 PM


Even complete submission can be consensual, but RAPE IS NOT CONSENSUAL. There is never a time when rape is justified or justifiable.

8/31/2010 4:53:04 PM


I have a friend who is into dominance and submission. They like to be the submitter, but even that it's only with their full consent. They have a word that if they say it, everything stops. Not in five minutes, not in ten seconds, as in NOW.

Rape on the other hand is NOT consensual at all. That is the fucking difference and I can't think of a single reason for someone to be violated in that manner.

8/31/2010 5:04:28 PM


If someone puts a gun to your head or a knife to your throat, chances are good that you're going to do what the other person says. Letting them rape you included.

8/31/2010 5:05:21 PM


I ... am to disgusted to say more...

8/31/2010 5:11:09 PM


"So the raped person can never be responsible for the rape?"

That's pretty much inherent in the definition of rape, yes.

"You can never say she was 'asking for it'. . . but to be raped, that's the gift of ulitmate control, complete dominance and complete submission."

This would sound like psychotic trash, if it was comprehensible in any way at all.

8/31/2010 5:21:12 PM


You completely fail at being a human being. Get the fuck out of our gene pool, maggot.

8/31/2010 5:22:44 PM


Oh Christ that's not even a wandering looney. That's a moderator.

8/31/2010 5:39:20 PM


So the raped person can never be responsible for the rape?

Simple answer? No.

Sure there are occasionally people who enjoy "rape" role-playing, but usually only after they've had consensual sex with someone they're already sexually attracted to. If you assume someone you just saw walking down the street in tight jeans is one of those relatively rare people and wants to be raped particularly by a loser like you, you'll end up in jail and added to the "sex offender" registry where you belong.

8/31/2010 5:39:46 PM


Can someone just drop a nuke on these fuckers?

8/31/2010 5:53:23 PM

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