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So the raped person can never be responsible for the rape? They can never be at fault it seems. No matter how much they seem to desire being truly dominated and no matter how much they 'let it happen', they are never the one to blame? You can never say she was 'asking for it'. . . but to be raped, that's the gift of ulitmate control, complete dominance and complete submission.

e_i-2, Love-shy.com 133 Comments [8/31/2010 3:47:24 PM]
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revenge of the whacky fundie

Posts like this make me angry, seemingly simply a way in the "man"'s mind to justify the act; after all, if she's also complicit, then it's not rape.

Let me explain to you, Mr. e_i-2, the holes in your argument.
1. If a woman desired to be dominated, would she not want it as anyone wants anything, on their own terms? Like engaging in any kind of sexual BDSM activity which they like and can control? The whole, even perceived, connection of rape and love is gone, if it ever existed.
2. A person must be held accountable for their own actions; if victims are held responsible for the acts of their tormentors, then the tormentors,and any who agree with them, cease to be civilised beings, for they have forsaken their self-control. 'Asking for it' is a coward's response.
3. I genuinely doubt any victim 'let it happen', but it is usually difficult to run away under threat of death or disfigurement.
Morally, according to me, any creature who believes that forcing sex on another person is justifiable under any circumstance, has lost their right to be called civilised.

6/18/2012 12:09:40 PM


Wow, you really are one sick bastard.

6/18/2012 6:41:57 PM

Mark Poe


Look out your window, the party van is waiting for you...

2/9/2013 10:44:47 AM


@ love-shy

You may not agree with advocating rape, but you are standing up for people who do. When one of your love-shy "friends" actually commits this unspeakable act, he's going to do so with the image of you and his other "friends" backing him up. How far will your perpetual excuse of"but...but...we're love shy" go then?

As far as being bitter, how is associating with and defending bitter people accomplishing anything aside from making your bitterness worse? The mutual camaraderie of "bitch bashing" may feel good in the short term, but what is it doing to you in the long run? Clearly it is you who needs to consider causes and effects.

Finally, there is no point coming here for sympathy. It is not that anyone here sadistic takes pleasure in your condition. However, when you make excuses for rape-apologists you cannot help but pick up their stench.

2/9/2013 10:55:21 AM


You keep on using that word (rape). I don't think it means what you think it means.

7/26/2013 1:10:51 AM

So, steal can never be justified?, rape in jail can never be justified?, may I go on?

8/28/2013 3:49:53 AM

The raped is never responsible for a rape, no. A BDSM scenario does not end in rape, but in a safe-word being spoken. And, your partner doesn't "seem to desire" anything; you know clearly before-hand what s/he desires.

Do you also blame robbery victims, who "let it happen"?

If you're so hot for a rape, e_i-2, I bet there are a lot of male prison inmates that would gladly present you with this "gift of ulitmate control, complete dominance and complete submission".

8/28/2013 4:57:46 AM

Surely it's what Bubba is thinking when you're thrown in jail

7/1/2014 10:55:17 AM

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